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One of a slew of early comic book eyes, tough guy DAN WILLIAMS appeared in the pages of Exciting Comics in the 1940's, making his debut in the very first issue. Exciting Comics was something of a grab bag, featuring superhero stories, science fiction and action/adventure tales, as well as crime and detective stories. Dan's stories were just one of several on-going back-up features, and his stories invariably ran just seven pages.

Suitably tough, Dan may have owned and operated the "Williams Detective Agency," but I guess he was never quite "exciting" enough for the publishers to give him a cover spot -- or even an eighth page. After fouteen issues, Dan was turfed out, although the magazine itself went on, eventually running for sixty-nine issues.


    (1940-49, Nedor/Better Publications/Standard Comics)
    Art by Ray Lowry, Raymond Thayer

Dan appeared in a string of stories in the first fourteen issues, billed as "Dan Williams, Private Eye."

  • "The Forbes Case" (April 1940, #1)
  • "The Knowles case" (May 1940, #2)
  • "The Collins Case" (June 1940, #3)
  • "The Bootleggers" (July 1940, #4)
  • "Titano the Gorilla"" (September 1940, #5)
  • "Disaster At the Gold Mine" (December 1940, #6
  • "he X-11 Secret" (January 1941, #7)
  • "The Cancer Hospital Murders" (February 1941, #8)
  • "The Snake Murders of Dr. Zinn" (May 1941, #9)
  • "The Construction Site Murders" (June 1941, #10)
  • "The Murder of William Morton" (July 1941, #11)
  • "The Cuff Link Clue" (September 1941, #12)
  • "The Body In the Trunk" (October 1941, #13)
  • "The Warehouse Arsonists" (November 1941, #14)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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