Hand Me Down My Walking Cane

The Old Dicks

You just can't keep a good man down... okay, the definbition of "old" is a little hard to pin down, but all these eyes qualify for senior citizen discounts.

TV's elderly, folksy gumshoe wasn't quite as slow and doddering as he seemed.

Gruff, cantankerous and ticked off at the world, this semi-retired L.A. gumshoe, as played by Art Carney, teamed up with a whacko client (Lily Tomlin) and threw off major sparks in Robert Benton's masterful 1977 flick The Late Show.

Yeah, he's the original Old Dick. Wanna make something of it?

This smug 81-year old calls himself the world's oldest eye, and claims to have known Hammett. You wanna call him a liar?

When he made his debut, Joe was the star of a Depression-era period piece going up against Ma Barker and her boys in a 2002 story. But when he returned in his first full-length adventure, The Art of Redemption (2007), the time is now, and Joe's a whopping 98 years old. And still kicking ass.

Way past his expiry date, but hot on the heels of the killer of his one true love...

Former P.I. comes out of retirement to tangle with ... Nazis?

Let's face it -- Jimbo was getting mightly long in the tooth by the time The Rockford Files was revived in the nineties for a string of made-for-TV movies.

James Garner shows up again here, giving great backup for Paul Newman in Twilight, the 1998 cinematic slab of geezer noir. They both play retired detectives (Newman, as Ross, was private, Garner was a cop) who get involved with a big shot Hollywood producer, his actress wife and their troublesome daughter.

This ex-homicide cop decides to go after the sadistic Nazi who made his life hell when he was in a WWII POW camp. Oh, and there's a lot of gold to sweeten the deal...

He lives in Warmheart, Florida and is still a working P.I. After all, his mom lived to be 103, so what the hell else is hew going to to do with his time?

When we first met hin in The Stone Veil (1990), Deets was a semi-retired Indianapolis gumshoe within spitting distance of seventy, well on his way to lonesome, a career army man who never really got the hang of civilian life, and is less than shy about expressing his opinions about the world. Twelve novels (and twenty-five years) later, he ought to be closing in on 90, but thanks to the miracle of fiction, he's still in hos seventies.

List respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Additional suggestions welcome. And thanks to jldarden for pointing out the glaringly obvious.

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