Auggie West
Created by Joe Lofgreen

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago...

Former safecracker turned Santa Barbara private eye AUGUST "AUGGIE" WEST was short, bald, and chubby, and not exactly burning with ambition. His partner, Jim Padova, wanted to get into security consulting, seeing as their detective biz wasn't actually setting the world on fire, but Auggie thought that sounded too much like actual work.

So, in walks the wife of a local hotshot real estate developer, offering Auggie $5,000.00 to steal some jewelry from her husband's office safe.

Auggie's one appearance to date was as what he called a "cyber novel," and was featured as a prominent part of Joe's Detective Pages, which way back in 1997 I thought was "an excellent site."

At the time, Joe said he was working on a more polished version of As Easy As Speed for possible print publication, and another, non-Augie book that will darker and more violent. But "there's more Auggie to come because I really like the character."



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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