Tom Welles
Created by Andrew Kevin Walker

Happily-married, with a new-born daughter, smalltown surveillance expert and private eye TOM WELLES is hired by a wealthy widow to track down the origins of a reel of 8mm film that seems to depict the murder of a young girl. He's soon in way over his head, in a dark, disturbing, hellish morass of murder and corruption in the 1999 Columbia flick 8MM. Maybe he should have paid attention to the flick's tagline: " You can't prepare for where the truth will take you."

The film got decidedly mixed reviews, and it's definitely not for the squeamish. It was rated R for strong perverse sexuality and violence, and for strong language.

If you're into this sort of thing, it's a nasty little thriller, deliberately unpleasant at times, reminiscent of the recent, and equally dark and twisted Seven, which should come as no surprise since writer Andrew Kevin Walker also wrote that sick puppy.

Everyone take a shower.


  • "... almost a masterpiece. When Nicolas Cage sets out to discover the origins of a 'snuff' movie, he is forced on a trip down into the deepest pits of human perversion, learning things about himself and man in general that nobody would like to know about. And we are forced to go with him. Cage's performance is flawless. Like his Snake Eyes, 8MM is also about the act of seeing and film-making. Peter Stormare is over-the-top as the 'Jim Jarmush of porn', but nothing compared to Machine (the guy with the leather mask). Be prepared for some really nasty twists, gross sexual details, and abandon all hope for nice and decent Hollywood entertainment. I loved it."
    -- Klaus Bardenhagen, IMDB
  • "Just a bad, awkward piece of film that was wasted on what could've been a solid P.I. premise. There's a line between hard-boiled and sadistic. And this movie left that line laying bleeding and twitching in the street after half an hour, along with my brain."
    -- Dave White
  • "All the quality of a cheapo drive-in grade B quickie, with none of the budget restrictions."
    -- Duke Seabrook


  • 8MM ..Buy this video ..Buy this DVD....
    (1999, Columbia)
    123 minites
    Written by Andrew Kevin Walker
    Directed by Joel Schumacher
    Starring Nicolas Cage as TOM WELLES
    Also starring
    Joaquin Phoenix, Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini, Peter Stormare, Christopher Bauer, Anthony Heald, Myra Carter, Jacklyn Lick


  • Seven and 8MM (1999)....Buy this book
    Includes both screenplays by Walker, plus 30 B&W photos.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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