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April 2018 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Trouble is My Business...Buy the DVD...Buy the Blu-Ray...Watch it now!
    A straight-to-streaming would-be B flick that hits the vanity project hattrick, written directed and starring Tom Konkle as Roland Drake, a down-on-his-luck 1940s private eye caught between the two hot-to-trot Montemar sisters. Problem is, one's dead and the other possibly killed her.

March 2018 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Small Town Crime...Buy the DVD...Buy the Blu-Ray...Watch it now!
    John Hawkes shines as an ex-cop drunk trying to redeem himself by solving the murder of a woman whose body he discovered. Super strong cast includes Robert Forster, Anthony Anderson, Octavia Spencer, Anthony Anderson, Clifton Collins, Jr. But it's Hawke you have to keep an eye on -- he's the antithesis of everything the well-dressed private detective ought to be, and he doesn't care who knows it. Recommended.

February 2018 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Harper...Buy the DVD...Buy this Blu-ray...Watch it now!
    The Drowning Pool
    ...Buy the DVD...Buy the Blu-Ray...Watch it now!
    At long last BOTH films featuring Paul Newman as Ross Macdonald's SoCal private eye Lew Archer (here rechristened "Harper") are available on DVD, Blu-Ray and to stream. Harper gets all the acclaim and most of the attention, but personally I prefer The Drowning Pool for the slam bang locked-room escape and the way Newman stands tall in a nuanced verbal showdown against a powerful opponent, refusing to even turn his head. Toss in Robert Benton's Twilight, as loving a rip-off of Macdonald as you can get without being sued, if you want to make it a hattrick. There Newman plays SoCal P.I. Harry Ross, but I defy anyone to tell me how he's not just Archer/Harper under another name.

January 2018 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Ray Donovan: Season 5...Buy on DVD
    Ray's back, and he's mourning the loss of his beloved wife Abby, whom he's treated like shit for the first four seasons. Yet the show remains compelling, like a slow-mo trainwreck.

December 2017 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Longstreet: The Complete Series...Buy on DVD
    I loved this one as a kid. After all, if a blind guy could make it as a hot-shot insurance investigator, have a hot girlfriend AND a cool dog, and have Kato around to teach him how to kick ass, why not me? Includes all 23 episodes and the TV pilot.
  • Psych: The Movie...Watch it now!
    Straight-to-streaming reunion of the popular almost-private eye show, as fake psychic Shawn teams up once again with his best friend, Gus during the holidays.

October 2017 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Man with a Camera: Complete Collection...Buy the set on DVD
    This 4-disk set captures all two seasons of the late fifties show, starring Charles Bronson as former combat shutterbug turned rough, tough New York City freelance photographer Mike Kovac, in all its black and white glory. Say "cheese."

August 2017 DVDs & Blu-Rays

June 2017 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Boone: Bounty Hunter
    Wrestling's Johnny Mundo stars as an egotistical bounty hunter who's just discovered his reality show is about to be cancelled.

May 2017 DVDs & Blu-Rays

March 2017 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Jack Taylor: Third Series...Buy DVD Set 3
    Rough-hewn Iain Glen returns as Ken Bruen's woebegone fuck-up P.I., damned but defiant, uncovering unpleasant truths in Galway Bay. These, at least, are once again based on Bruen's novels, though the spirit of those fiery blasts of bittersweet regret and endless hurt seems to often be missing in action.

February 2017 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Quarry.. Buy on DVD. .Buy on Blu-Ray
    When Mac Conway came marching home after a second tour of duty in Vietnam, he finds himself at loose ends with just about everyone from his wife to society at large, and finds himself drawn into the circle of a criminal known only as "The Broker." Based on the popular series of novels by Mac Allan Collins.

January 2017 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.. Buy on DVD. .Buy on Blu-Ray
    Follow Douglas Adams' holistic private dick Dirk Gently (played by Samuel Barnett) and his hapless assistant/stooge (Elijah Wood) as they tear into the fabric of time and space, and have to put up with time travel, shape-shifting sharks, multiple realities and things that go squelch in the night. If you're looking for a linear sort of coherency, boy, did you come to the wrong place! And yet, there's something oddly compelling -- and even fascinating -- about this headspiining mini-series.

  • Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.. Buy on DVD. .Buy on Blu-Ray. .Watch it now!
    Lke Jack Reacher himself, Tom Cruise doesn't give a shit what you think about him. So he steps into Reacher's shoes once again, and once again kicks ass. A solid action flick you can enjoy without letting your mouth hang open.

December 2016 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Ray Donovan: The Fourth Season...Buy on DVD
    HBO's grimy noir wallow continues, with its best season yet, as the writers finally start to swerve, and seem more willing to occasionally head for the ditch. Your mileage may vary. Starring Liev Schrieber, Jon Voight and a cast that eventually grows on you, if not the characters they play.

October 2016 DVDs & Blu-Rays

September 2016 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Blood Simple: The Criterion Edition. Buy on DVD. .Buy on Blu-Ray. .Watch it now!

    At long last the very first Coen Brothers film gets the Criterion treatment! Perhaps the most consistently entertaining makers of crime films in the modern era (sorry, Quentin), the Bros' first salvo, released over thirty years ago, was a shot across the bow that still stands up, a quirky twisty hot mess of lies, betrayals and cross purposes that announced there was a new gang in town, and introduced Loren Visser, one of the best bad P.I.s ever.

  • The Catch.. Buy on DVD. ..Watch it now!
    Shonda Rhimes does a P.I. show! Barbie is the P.I., and Ken is the bad guy. But she really loves him.

August 2016 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Matt Houston: The Complete Collection)..Buy on DVD
    In the world of TV eyes, this eighties show starring Lee Horseley is the cheese that stands alone.

  • The Nice Guys.. Buy on DVD. .Buy on Blu-Ray. .Watch it now!
    Shane Black wrote and directed this 1970s period piece action comedy, centred around a semi-inept private eye (Ryan Gosling) and a thug-for-hire (Russell Crowe) who team up to find a missing girl. Insults are hurled, witty banter is thrown around,things blow up and plenty of guns are fired.

  • Too Late .. Watch it now
    A twisted little bit of cinematic chess perpetrated by writer/director Dennis Hauck that plays with all your favourite P.I. tropes in all-new ways, built around a only-in-the-movies gimmick. But it's one hell of a gimmick. One of my favourite films of the year, at turns clever and sneaky, but delivered with a heavy dose of heart.

July 2016 DVDs & Blu-Rays

June 2016 DVDs & Blu-Rays

May 2016 DVDs & Blu-Rays

April 2016 DVDs & Blu-Rays

December 2015 DVDs & Blu-Rays

November 2015 DVDs & Blu-Rays

  • Farewell, My Lovely....Buy on DVD
    Robert Mitchum finally gets to play Marlowe. A very tired Marlowe, withCharlotte Rampling, Sylvia Miles, John Ireland, Harry Dean Stanton and a very young Sylvester Stallone putting him through his paces. Still, it's not bad. now if only they'd thought of doing this thirty years earlier...

  • Mr. Holmes....Buy on DVD...Buy on Blu-Ray...Watch it now!
    With all the Holmes-related products spreading through the land, this quiet little gem might go unheeded, which would be a shame. Ian McKellen gives a subtly wrenching, powerful and bittersweet performance as an aging Sherlock Holmes (the story takes place post-WWII) who fears it's all slipping away for good. Elementary and in its ponderings on memory, honour and death, elemental.

List respectfully compiled by film editor Chris Baldemor and site editor: Kevin Burton Smith. Special thanks to our man in the field, Bob Huggins, for the heads up.

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