Vengeance Squad
Eric Redd, Tulsa Coyle and Candy Orr

Created by Pete Morisi?

The deluge of TV detectives in the seventies never seemed to make the transition to comics. One of the few attempts to cash in was Charlton's VENGEANCE SQUAD, but it never caught on and sputtered out after only six issues.

The series featured the adventures of The Vengeance Squad, a private investigation/security agency run by ERIC REDD, an ex-Treasury agent, who served six years in a federal prison on a bum rap after he gathered evidence against "a labor biggie." He "graduated from the slammer with a magna cum laude in crime...and an enduring hatred for most criminals!"

Aiding and abetting Redd in his cases were CANDY ORR,  "a policewoman who learned that justice doesn't always triumph", and TULSA COYLE, a "burly Viet Nam veteran" who loves violence most, next to Candy.

The Squad seems to take on criminals without resorting to firearms, although there seems to be a lot of karate kicks and judo chops flying around, not to mention a lot of high-tech (for the time) equipment. The Squad must be doing well, though, because they work out of a fancy-schmancy mansion in the Palisides area and Eric has a collection of antique automobiles. About as convincing as Charlie's Angels.

Possibly scripted by Johnny Dynamite's Pete Morisi. Joe Staton's Mike Mauser appeared as the back-up feature.


    (1975-76, Charlton)
    6 issues, Mike Mauser appeared as a back-up feature.
  • "Tycoon for the Taking" (July 1975, #1)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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