Tubby Dubonnet

Created by Tony Dunbar

''Look around, dearie, and you will see things you've never imagined before.''

- Tubby's advice to a tourist from Chicago in Shelter From the Storm

Pudgy, would-be easy-going attorney New Orleans TUBBY DUBONNET is the star of a series of amusing novels in which he gets to fight evil and pass a good time, cher, though his preference is generally for the latter. He'd much rather eat shrimp scampi or crab etoufée at one of the many local restaurants he frequents than deal with the demands of his infrequent clients. Not that the genial Tubby doesn't rise to the occasion when he has to, but still...


  • "Take one cup of Raymond Chandler, one cup of Tenessee Williams, add a quart of humor, and you will get something resembling Dunbar's crazy mixture of crime and offbeat comedy."

-- Baltimore Sun

  • ...sharp and jolly...There's a lot to enjoy."

-- The Chicago Tribune


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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