Down Those Yuletide Streets
Christmas 2005 Gift Suggestions
For the P.I. Fan Who Has Everything

These are just a few suggestions that I thought had particular merit, but of course, you can always check out Word on the Street: What's New! for what else is out there. Check back here often -- my helper elves ain't done with this yet.

And if you have a particular suggestion, or want to see what other folks would like to find under their tree, head on over to the 2005 Cheap Thrill Awards...

By the way, the prices are in American dollars and represent the going rate, as far as I can tell. Most (but not all) of the "Buy this" links are to, with whom I have a sponsorship deal, which helps to pay for this site. But if you'd prefer to buy them elsewhere, go ahead.

Like your mama done told ya, ya better shop around...




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What could be cooler than receiving a gift all year long? There are tons of great mystery magazines and newsletters, featuring a range of fiction and non-fiction, ranging from enthusiastically amateur to slickly professional, for all tastes and budgets. Here are a few suggestions:


And finally, the ultimate gift for any truly serious private eye fan....

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