The Fat Man Cometh...
Christmas 2000 Gift Suggestions
For the P.I. Fan Who Has Everything

I've just started this one, so any suggestions are more than welcome...
and, of course, you can always check out
Word on the Street: What's New! for what else is out there.
These are just a few suggestions that I thought had particular merit. Take your pick!

By the way, the prices are in American dollars,
and most of the "Buy this" links are to,
with whom I have a sponsorsip deal, which helps to pay for this site.
But if you'd prefer to buy them elsewhere,
there's a link to other suggested sources at the bottom.
Like your mama done told ya, ya better shop around...

And see what other readers want to see under their stockings here...






And finally, the all-time great gift for any truly serious private eye fan...



The above are just a few suggestions. Try these Suggested Sources for gifts ranging from t-shirts, lawn ornaments, handcuffs, tapes of old radio shows, books, mugs, puzzles, and more, ranging from tacky to tasteful, from marvelous to morbid.

Thanks to Stewart Wright, Victoria Shea-Esposito and Chris Mills and Randal Brandt for their much appreciated help with this one.

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