You Better Get Some Insurance, Baby

You're in Good Hands With These Eyes

Jan Dana's cynical, hard-boiled, nameless insurance op. Any resemblance between this character and any other ficticious character by anyone named Hammett is stirctly a coincidence.

The smuggest dick this side of Spenser, urbane, suave, cocky Boston-based Polish/American freelance insurance investigator brought his elaborate locked room (and exhibition hall and football stadium and railroad crossing) mysteries to television and solved them all, much to the chagrin of his superiors and rivals, and the amazement of his chauffeur.

Joseph Hansen's grim, terse, straight to the bone, no-nonsense insurance investigator stars in one of the hardest boiled PI series of the eighties.

Christopher Monig's insurance claims adjuster.

Doris Miles Disney's short, pudgy claims adjuster for the Boston-based Commonwealth Insurance company appeared in eight novels... and two films.

"The insurance investigator with the action-packed expense account" was one of the all-time great radio eyes. And one of the best in any medium.

Warren Murphy's half-soused, half-ass, sloppy insurance investigator, no matter what name he's going under, somehow manages to solve the case, usually with the help of his Asian/Italian girlfriend.

Don Winslow's Jack Wade is a disgraced cop/slacker surfer dude/hotdog insurance claims adjuster specializing in arson, slugging away for the California Fire and Life Insurance Company.

Preliminary report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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