Great Gals
Stand-up dames and the eyes lucky enough to have them

The Stand-up Gal The Lucky Guy  
Beth Davenport Jim Rockford
by Roy Huggins and Stephen J. Cannell
Jim's lawyer, pal, and off/on love-interest. "Hi, Beth? Could you come bail me out? I'm in jail." 
Nora Charles  Nick Charles
by Dashiell Hammett
Wife, confidante, drinking buddy.
Merle Osborn  Max Thursday
by Wade Miller 
Max's sometime lover and full-time friend, she's a crime reporter for The San Diego Sentinel, a trashy tabloid big on crime covereage. 
Peggy  Joe Mannix
by William Link and Richard Levinson
Peggy was a young widow with an young son who worked as Joe's secretary and assistant. Come on! I'll bet these two were getting it on, and CBS was afraid of the reaction an interracial affair would provoke.
Peggy John Marshall Tanner 
by Stephen Greenleaf
Like Mannix, Marsh's long-suffering secretary was called Peggy.

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