Wherever I lay my hat...
Private Eye Watering Holes and Hangouts

  • Bogart's, New York
    It actually exists. Or existed. Run by Bill and Karen Palmer, who also actually exist, it's the favorite hangout of private eye Miles Jacoby, who doesn't....exist, that is

  • Guiterrez's Restuarant, Los Angeles
    Pulpster Norbert Davis' Max Latin runs his many shifty, slippery scenarios from a booth here in this noisy and decidedly unglamorous joint that just happened to served the finest grub in all of LA. Seems he has something on the owner...like, he is the owner, but I didn't tell you that. Oh, and don't get the chef mad.

  • Mother's, Somewhere on the West Coast
    Cool, classy waterfront jazzbo nightclub frequented by the cool, classy Peter Gunn. His best gal, Edie, sings there... she's sorta cool and classy herself.

  • The Harbour Health Club, Boston
    Where Robert b. Parker's Spenser and Hawk go to work out and banter, despite the alarming increase in the number of yuppie-types swarming in...And, no Susan!

  • John's Grill, San Francisco
    That place in San Francisco where Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade enjoys a meal before heading off to do what a man's gotta do...

  • "La bar sans nom," Montreal
    Where Thomas Ct. Cyr hangs out in a back booth and occasionally meets people he'll do "sous la table" favours for. There are several local microbrews on tap, the Habs on the tube and Otis Redding and Leonard Cohen on the jukebox.

Preliminary lespectfullycompiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Any suggestion or additions will be most welcome.

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