The Favourite Dicks
of Old-Time Radio

Ned and Joy Norris have been running the RUSC web site since 1999, and have reviewed (and made available) tens of thousands of old-time radio shows for that site over the years.

One day, the story goes, the two were on a long car trip when they started to discuss what the best old time radio series of all time was. After two hours and much vigorous "discussion" about the merits of each show they decided that "it was impossible for us to come up with a conclusive answer between just the two of us. There was only one answer! Ask everyone else what they think and then compile the results to get a definitive answer."

Ned figured that if they could get a hundred people to nominate their favorite series they'd have a pretty good representative sample, but the survey, which ran in November of 2013, soon had over 600 respondents. As Ned put it, "Wow!"

Also wow-worthy was the high ranking of crime and detective shows.

"Quite a few detective shows made the grade," Ned noted, "including Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, which came in third overall, Suspense (the crime anthology series) at number 6, Dragnet at 7 and Sherlock Holmes which came in at 12th. Others did pretty well too. Richard Diamond, Sam Spade, Boston Blackie, Night Beat, Nero Wolfe and Broadway is my Beat all came in the top 30. And since there were nearly 200 different series nominated, anything in the top 30 did really well. It just goes to show the huge popularity of detective shows -- and particularly private eye shows --all these years later."

For more information, and for the complete results of the survey please visit RUSC (R U Sitting Comfortably), possibly the best old-time-radio (OTR) website on the Internet.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, with a really big thank you to Ned. Go to his site and subscribe.

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