Drinking Buddies:
Eyes I'd Most Like to Have a Beer With...


No, really. I think it would be fun to have a beer with these fellow imbibers. And oh, the stories they could tell...

  • Zen Moses by Elizabeth Cosin
    One tough cookie, with a raunchy sense of humour and a taste for quality microbrews. Plus she's a babe. I could even put up with the cigar smoke for that. Plus, she's local. She probably has a tab at Father's Office, her local hangout in Santa Monica.

  • Nameless by Bill Pronzini
    A working class hero is indeed something to be, and Nameless pretty much fits the bill. Like a good glass of beer, there's something worthy and down to earth about the man. Plus, I hear that after a couple of brews, he'll let you call him "Bill."

  • Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout
    Nero doesn't like to go out, but hey, I'm perfectly willing to head on over to his place. After all, he's got an endless supply of Remmers, and I hear his homebrew isn't too bad, either. Plus Fritz is supposedly a pretty good cook, in case we feel like some chicken wings or something...

  • Kalinda Sharma by Michelle and Richard King
    Wouldn't it be a hoot to hang with Kalinda and Alicia at some swanky Chicago bar or even the law offices during one of their after-work gab sessions? Mind you, it would be even better when Alicia toddles off to be the Good Wife, leaving just Kalinda and me alone...

  • Spenser by Robert B. Parker
    The perfect guy to go on a pub crawl through Beantown, the man not only knows about but obviously cares about his beer. Over the course of his long, illustrious career, he's savoured over 40 different brews by name and countless unnamed brands. One of the good things about Ace Atkins' continuation of the series has been to return Spenser to his beer-quaffing ways.

  • Bill Crane by Jonathan Latimer
    Definitely a party guy, the perfect eye with whom to get shitfaced. But I'd be careful just in case something gets slipped into our brews. Avoid the embalming fluid cocktails at all costs.

  • John J. Malone by Craig Rice
    It's always a party with Rice's boozehound shyster Malone. Especially when his drinking buddies and partners-in-crime Jake and Helene join him at Joe the Angel's City Hall Bar...

  • Shell Scott by Richard S. Prather
    The adult in me would probably move to the other end of the bar, but the wild youth of my past would love to ride shotgun on one of Scott's smirky, outlandish, alcohol-laden, innuendo-soaked adventures, indulging in the kind of raunchy, hormone-charged male bonding that only the hunt for good times and good time girls can provide. Just thinking about it now makes me tired. But it's a good tired...

  • Fitzroy MacLean Angel by Mike Ripley
    Angel probably knows every pub in London, and when the drinking's done, we can always crash in the back of his cab. Springsteen don't mind.

  • Matt Scudder & Mick Ballou by Lawrence Block
    Not in his drinking days, mind you. Blackout drunks are no fun, and neither are getting drunks home, even if they live right next to Armstrong's. No, I want the clean and sober Matt. I don't even mind if Matt isn't drinking these days, just so long as I can hang around while he and Mick spin yarns. Even better though? Mick has his own bar...

This blatantly personal list respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Who'd you like to have a few rounds with?

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