Okay, nobody's ever going to mistake The Mystery Writers of America (MWA) for The Private Eye Writers of America (PWA), but private eye writers have played a major role in the MWA right from the beginning.

P.I. writers, including Brett Halliday and Baynard Kendrick, were involved in the founding of the organization back in 1945, and have played a major and often significant role in the membership through the years, as well as in their anthology series, which was started to raise funds for the fledling organization's treasury. The first anthology, Murder Cavalcade, was published in 1946, and since then, the MWA has averaged about one short-story anthology a year, often devoted to a theme, edited by best-selling writers and providing a showcase for members.

In fact, an awful lot of the earlier stories were contemporaneous PI stories -- or what we now call "vintage." For example, the anthology I'm slowly working my way through just now, Crime for Two (1955), has a Mike Shayne story in it that was mostly written by Helen McCloy (she and Brett Halliday, Shayne's creator, were married at the time).




1946 Murder Cavalcade Ken Crossen, editor (un-credited)
Foreword by
Richard Lockridge
1947 Murder By Experts Ellery Queen
1950 Four And Twenty Bloodhounds Anthony Boucher
1951 20 Great Tales Of Murder
(aka "Murder Murder Murder")
Helen McCloy & Brett Halliday
1952 Maiden Murders Intro by John Dickson Carr
1953 Crooks Tour Bruno Fischer
1954 Butcher, Baker, Murder-maker George Harmon Coxe
1955 Crime For Two Frances & Richard Lockridge
1956 Eat, Drink, And Be Buried Rex Stout
1957 For Love Or Money Dorothy Gardiner
1957 Dolls Are Murder Harold Q. Masur
1958 A Choice Of Murders Dorothy Salisbury Davis
1958 Big-Time Mysteries Brett Halliday
1959 The Lethal Sex John D. Macdonald
1960 The Comfortable Coffin Richard S. Prather
1961 Tales For A Rainy Night David Alexander
1962 Cream Of The Crime Hugh Pentecost
1962 Quality Of Murder: 100 Years of True Crime Anthony Boucher
1963 A Pride Of Felons The Gordons
1964 Crimes Across The Sea John Creasey
1965 Masters Of Mayhem Edward D. Radin
1966 Sleuths And Consequences Thomas B. Dewey
1967 Murder In Mind Lawrence Treat
1968 With Malice Toward All Robert L. Fish
1969 Merchants Of Menace Hillary Waugh
1970 Crime Without Murder Dorothy Salisbury Davis
1971 Murder Most Foul Harold Q. Masur
1972 Dear, Dead Days Edward D. Hoch
1973 Mirror, Mirror, Fatal Mirror Hans Stefan Santesson
1974 Killers Of The Mind Lucy Freeman
1975 Every Crime In The Book Robert L. Fish
1976 Tricks And Treats Joe Gores & Bill Pronzini
1977 When Last Seen Arthur Maling
1978 I, Witness Brian Garfield
1978 Cop Code John Ball
1979 Women's Wiles Michele B. Slung, Gene Stone
1980 The Edgar Winners Bill Pronzini
1981 All But Impossible! Impossible Crimes Edward D. Hoch
1982 A Special Kind Of Crime Lawrence Treat
1983 EQ Presents Best Short Stories Ellery Queen
1984 Mystery Hall Of Fame Pronzini, Greenberg, Waugh
1984 The Crime Of My Life Brian Garfield
1986 Last Laughs Gregory Mcdonald
1987 Murder On The Aisle Mary Higgins Clark
1987 Murder California Style SoCal Chapter Jon L. Breen
1988 Distant Danger Janwillem Van De Wetering
1989 Beastly Tales Sara Paretsky
1989 Plots And Pans: Recipes And Antidotes Nancy Jean Webb
1990 The New Edgar Winners Martin H. Greenberg
1992 Mystery Writers America Sara Paretsky
1993 The Fine Art Of Murder Gorman, Greenberg, Breen
1994 Guilty As Charged Scott Trurow
1999 Diagnosis Dead Jonathan Kellerman
2000 The Night Awakens Mary Higgins Clark
2001 Masters' Choice Lawrence Block
2002 Blood On Their Hands Lawrence Block
2003 A Hot And Sultry Night For Crime Jeffrey Deaver
2004 Show Business Is Murder Stuart Kaminsky
2006 Death Do Us Part Harlan Coben
2008 The Blue Religion Michael Connelly
2009 The Prosecution Rests Linda Fairstein
2009 In The Shadow Of The Master Michael Connelly
2009 On A Raven's Wing Stuart Kaminsky
2010 Crimes By Moonlight Charlaine Harris
2011 The Rich And The Dead Nelson Demille
2012 Vengeance Lee Child
2013 The Mystery Box Brad Meltzer
2013 Ice Cold Jeffrey Deaver & Raymond Benson
2015 Manhattan Mayhem Mary Higgins Clark

List compiled by Abbey in Boston, and updated by Kevin Burton Smith.

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