David Thomson's Suspects

Characters from Private Eye and Noir Flicks included in David Thomson's Suspects

..In his 1985 novel, Suspects, which The Village Voice tagged as a "A dazzling work of narrative invention," film critic David Thomson assembled brief bios of over eighty famous movie characters, from classic films like The Big Sleep, Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard, etc. and imagined links between them, covering everyone from Jakes Gittes to Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.

Like, did you know that George from It's a Wonderful Life, had a son, Harry Moseby, who grew up to be a private eye?

Crazy? Yes, but definitely a weird, wonderful book for movie fans.

Jake Gittes, Noah Cross, Evelyn Cross Mulwray Chinatown (1974) 
Ilsa Lund, Victor Lazlo, Rick Blaine Casablanca (1942)
Eileen Wade The Long Goodbye (1973)
Laura, Waldo Lydecker, Mark McPherson Laura (1944)
Walter Neff, Phyllis Diedrichson, Wilson Keyes Double Indemnity (1944)
Vivian Sternwood The Big Sleep (1946)
Brigid Shaughnessy, Casper Gutman,  The Maltese Falcon (1941)
Jeff Bailey Out of the Past (1947)
John Klute, Bree Daniels Klute (1971)
Harry Moseby, Paula Iverson  Night Moves (1975)

An added bonus is the filmography at the end, as fine a suggested viewing list as you'd want.

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