Private Eyes

One of the Fifty Things TV Guide's Matt Roush Loves About TV.

In the December 14, 2002 issue of TV Guide, critic Matt Roush (The Roush Review) listed "Fifty Things I Love About TV."

Among such notable (or sometimes quirky) choices such as Everybody Loves Raymond,\ Turner Classic Movies and 1973's CBS Saturday Evening Lineup, lay this entry (at number 41, and illustrated by a nifty shot of James Garner as perennial fave Jim Rockford in his trusty Firebird, looking as pained as ever\:


  • "From the suave Peter Gunn to this year's quirky model, the neurotic Monk, who doesn't love following in a gumshoe's footprints? Macho Mannix, wry rockford, carefreee Magnum: Some use their fists, others their wits. As long as the case gets closed, we're cool with it."

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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