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P.I. Postage Stamps

If you can't lick 'em, join 'em. But these are all actual postage stamps by real countries. Honest!

Or at least sorta. Some countries have legitimate reasons for honouring various detectives on postal stamps, such as France honouring Nestor Burma.

But others? Well, some countries print postage stamps solely to sell to collectors. Nicaragua, for instance. Can anyone tell me what the link is between Nicaragua and Sam Spade or Perry Mason? Or even where the hell San Marino is? And what the hell's wrong with the U.S.? I mean, I think it's cool to have a stamp honouring Humphrey Bogart, but none for Chandler or Hammett? Really?

If this topic interests you, do not hesitate -- head right on over to Detective Fiction on Stamps. Stamp guru Steve Tussel maintains this fascinating site focussing on, like the title says, "Detective Fiction on Stamps." It's a relatively small topic, but over a dozen countries have issued postage stamps (and other philatelic items), hoping to cash in on the lucrative collector's market, mostly, connected to or commemorating fictional detectives and/or their authors.

  Sam Spade
Date of issue: 1972
Philip Marlowe
Date of issue: 1972
Sherlock Holmes
Date of issue: 1972
Perry Mason
Date of issue: 1972
Nestor Burma
Date of issue: 1996
Nero Wolfe
San Marino
Date of issue: 1979
Dick Tracy
United States
Date of issue: 1995
The Number #1 Ladies Detective Agency
Date of issue: 2008
"The Mysterious Affair at Styles"
Date of issue: 2016

"Murder on the Orient Express"
Date of issue: 2016

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith, with a very special thanks to Steve Tussel, who runs the amazing Detective Fiction on Stamps.

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