Everyone Into The Pool
Books By Multiple Authors and Other Private Eye Team-Ups

  • Double in Trouble
    by Richard S. Prather and Stephern Marlowe
    Two of Fawcett Gold Medal's best-selling eyes, Prather's Shell Scott and Marlowe's Chester Drum, team up to crack a case.

  • Stiff As a Broad
    by G.G. Fickling
    Fickling (actually the husband-wife writing team of Gloria and Forrester Fickling) paired up their two sex-crazed P.I.s, Erik March and Honey West, in this 1971 caper.

  • Twospot
    by Bill Pronzini and Collin Wilcox
    Pronzini's Nameless and San Francisco Police Department
    Lieutenant Frank Hastings work to solve a murder involving an old California winemaking family.

  • Double...Buy this book
    By Bill Pronzini and Marcia Muller
    Pronzini's Nameless and Muller's Sharon McCone -- both based in San Francisco -- team up to crack a case together after running into each other at a private eye convention in San Diego, McCone's hometown. There are also walk-ons by Brock "The Rock" Callahan, Kinsey Millhone and Miles Jacoby.

  • The Cana Diversion
    By William Campbell Gault
    Ex-LA Rams guard turned South California private eye Brock Callahan tries to help out another Gault PI, the troubled Joe Puma, who had his own series back in the fifties and sixties.

  • Caribbean Blues ...Buy this book
    Edited by Mary Higgins Clark, with chapters by Mary Higgins Clark, Molly Cochran, Max Allan Collins, Gregory McDonald, Richard Meyers, Warren Murphy, and Robert J. Randisi
    A group of P.I.s, including Collins' Nate Heller and, anachronistically, Murphy's Trace, solve a crime on the highseas during a Caribbean cruise, circa 1938.

  • The Black Moon .. Buy this book
    By Loren D. Estleman, Ed Gorman, W.R. Philbrick, Robert J. Randisi and L.J. Washburn
    Edited by Robert J. Randisi and Ruth Ashby
    Salvatore Carlucci (written by Robert J. Randisi), part-time peeper and owner of The Black Moon bar, enlists the aid of "America's toughest detectives" to track down some paintings stolen forty years previously during WWII. Along for the ride are Ralph Parnell (written by Ed Gorman), Miami investigator Tony Mack (by W. R. Philbrick), Laura Bailey (by L. J. Washburn) and Iron Harbor,Michigan police chief and part-time private investigator Riley Cooper by Loren D. Estleman).

  • Border Snakes...Buy this book
    by James Crumley
    Not really by multiple authors, although it does bring together Crumley's two series eyes, Milo Milodragovitch and C.W. Sughrue.

  • Naked Came the Manatee
    By Carl Hiassen, Elmore Leonard, Dave Barry, Edna Buchanan and nine others
    Florida crime writers all have a whack at a crime novel that includes a 102-year-old environmentalist, former President Jimmy Carter and cryogenically-preserved human heads.

  • Melancholy Baby
    By Robert B. Parker

    The Sunny Randall series has always been full of sly winks and nudge-nudges, as supporting characters from Parker's other series regularly pop up, drop by or pass through, but this time out, the perpetually troubled Sunny, she of the screwy love life, goes off the deep end when she learns her ex is getting remarried and decides to seek out professional help from a Cambridge therapist. The shrink, of course, turns out to be Susan Silverman, main squeeze of you-know-who.

  • Blue Screen
    By Robert B. Parker
    Sunny Randall rides again. This time not only is Susan Silverman aboard, but Jesse Stone, chief of police of Paradise, Massachusetts and Parker's other non-Spenser series detective, hooks up (in the Biblical sense of the phrase) with Sunny. At this point, I'm still not sure what it means in terms of either the Sunny or Jesse series, but the next Jesse Stone should be very interesting...

  • Inherit the Dead...Buy this book.. Buy the audiobook. Kindle it!

    Yet another of those sprawling, episodic, collaborative mystery efforts perpetrated by a slew of suspects, this one actually is a private eye novel, with chapters contributed by Mary Higgins Clark, John Connolly, Charlaine Harris, CJ Box, Mark Billingham, Lawrence Block, Ken Bruen, Alafair Burke, Stephen L. Carter, Marcia Clark, Max Allan Collins, James Grady, Heather Graham, Bryan Gruley, Val McDermid, SJ Rozan, Dana Stabenow, Lisa Unger, Sarah Weinman and Lee Child, who also provides an introduction, and follow New York private eye Pericles "Perry" Christo on a wandering daughter job that takes him to the Hamptons in the dead of winter.

  • FaceOff...Buy this book...Buy the audiobook.. Kindle it!
    Edited by David Baldacci,
    This star-spangled collection might be the first time anyone's attempted rounding up a whole book of short stories pairing various popular series characters by various popular thriller writers. I haven't even read it yet, but a few of the stories definitely sound like stories P.I. fans should be investigating: Harry Bosch and Patrick Kenzie? Heather Graham's Michael Quinn and Repairman Jack? Nick Heller and Jack Reacher? Sign me up...

List compiled by Kevin Burton Smith, with help from Jim Doherty.

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