Burning the Midnight Oil Together:
P.I. Writers Who Are Couples

Yeah, I know. Some of these writers aren't necessarily known primarily as P.I. writers, but they've all written at least a few P.I. tales...

  • Ross Macdonald and Margaret Millar
    Perhaps the most acclaimed writing couple in crime fiction, he created Lew Archer, one of the all-time great American private eyes, of course, and she was no slouch herself, penning a couple of P.I. classics, How Like an Angel and Stranger in My Grave. thery were both Edgar winners. In fact it was Margaret's early success that pushed her husband. And there are plenty of mystery lovers who contend that Margaret was actually the better writer.

  • Bill Pronzini and Marcia Muller
    Talk about a San Francisco treat. They've both been responsible for Hall-of-Fame private detectives Nameless and Sharon McCone, respectivel), but together and individually they've created a massive body of work in the genre, both in fiction and non-fiction, as editors, anthologists, and in their massive opus, 1001 Midnights, critics.

  • Loren Estleman and Deborah Morgan
    He, of course, is the man behind Motor City gumshoe Amos Walker, among others, while she's dabbled in the form herself, with several short stories about Detroit private eye Mary Shelley

  • Jaume Fuster and Maria-Antònia Oliver
    Fuster's Spanish P.I. Lluís Arquer, appears in Oliver's Study in Lilac (1985), featuring her private detective, Lònia Guiu, making them a sort of Spanish Pronzini and Muller.

  • Angela Savage and Andrew Nette
    Yep, it's true. Angela Savage, writer of the acclaimed Jayne Keeney series and Andrew Nette, creator of Southeast Asia P.I. Max Quinlan, are together-together.

More to come (and appropriate links) when I get some time...

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