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Parodies and satires of TV Eyes in MAD Magazine

When you think about it, MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman has been dogging the TV dick -- and occasionally his big screen counterpart -- almost since its birth, kicking plenty of dirt on assorted gumshoes in the process.

Whether it's "Perry Masonmint" or good ol' "Jam Crockford," MAD has been right there, strewing the mean streets with banana peels...

And, of course, if I missed any, lemme know...

The Spoofs  The Targets Appeared
in issue #
"Kane Keen" Seems to be a spoof of the entire genre, although the title could be targetting a combo of Martin Kane and Mr. Keen. #5 (June-July 1953)
"The Night That Perry Masonmint Lost a Case" Perry Mason #48 (July 1959)
"The Night Peter Gone Cracked" Peter Gunn #50 (October 1959)
"777 Sunset Strip" 77 Sunset Strip #52  (January 1960)
"Honey Waste" Honey West #103 (June 1966)
"Mannecch" Mannix #123 (December 1968)
"Manic" Mannix #152 (July 1972)
"Longshot" Longstreet #153 (September 1972)
"Cannonball" Cannon #160 (July 1973)
"Chinaclown" Chinatown #173
"Barnacle Groans" Barnaby Jones #175 (June 1975)
"Churlie's Angles " Charlie's Angels #193 (September 1977)
"Vague-$" Vega$ #210 (October 1979)
"The Crockford Files" The Rockford Files #217 (September 1980)
"Magnumb, P.U." Magnum P.I. #227 (December 1981)
"Simple & Simple" Simon and Simon #239 (June 1983)
"Matt Houstink" Matt Houston #246 (April 1984)
"Remington Steal" Remington Steele #248 (July 1984)
"Hardhassle and McCorny" Hardcastle and McCormick #252 (January 1985)
"Rip-Off-Tide" Riptide #254 (April 1985)
"Mike Hammy" Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer #255 (June 1985)
"Moon-Fighting" Moonlighting #264 (July 1986)
"The Tranquilizer" The Equalizer #271 (June 1987)
Who De-Famed Roger Rabbit? Who Framed Roger Rabbit? #284 (January 1989)
"The ABC Misery Movie" Columbo, B.L. Stryker & Gideon Oliver #290 (October 1989)
"Angle" Angel #396 (August 2000)
"Cheesy Angles" Charlie's Angels (the movie) #403 (March 2001)
"Las Vaguest" Las Vegas #444 (August 2004)
"MONKey" Monk #488 (April 2008)



A great site, with covers of Mad magazines from around the world, tables of contents, links, and all the other same old crap from the usual gang of idiots..

Great parody of both Spillane and possibly the world's dopiest comic strip.

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