Apples of the Eye
It's a Mac, Mac, Mac World...

"All I need now is a computer. And a ten year old kid to teach me how to use it."
Fletch, played by Chevy Chase, in Fletch Lives (1989)

"That's what I like about bein' a 21st Century P.I... Ten years ago, shoe leather. today -- Google."
-- Private eye Dan Green to Ms. Tree, in Deadly Beloved (2007)

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Fictional private eyes have finally admitted it's not 1949 anymore, and have started using fax machines, cell phones, pocket calculators, and -- wait for it -- PERSONAL COMPUTERS!!! (Hell, some of 'em even use the Internet now!!!).

And a disproportionate number of them seem to favour Macs, for some reason. I dunno -- maybe this sorta goes well with the fact that most good eyes don't usually follow the herd. Let the boys in blue stick with the big blue machine; you might even say that private eyes, uh, think different.

In fact, there's a great little article by Mac writer and columnist Dennis Sellers at MacCentral Online entitled "Dave, Maddie and the Mac." In it, he relates a letter from a reader, one Peter Merchant:

"The show Moonlighting, starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd (as private eyes David Addison and Maddie Hayes)...was probably the first show on network television to feature Macs. "I remember when they first gave Maddie a Macintosh 512 -- a Fat Mac -- and whoever set it up put the external disk drive on the wrong side (for those of you not up on old-time Mac lore, putting the disk drive on the left side was a bad idea because that's where the power supply was)," Merchant says. "Supposedly, lots of people wrote in to the show and let them know and they eventually changed it." He believes that in the third season they gave Maddie a Mac Plus, and David got a Macintosh II. In fact, according to rumor, Apple actually sent them a prototype Macintosh II because the Macintosh II hadn't been released when they filmed the episode, but would be by the time the first episode aired and Apple wanted everybody to see it, he adds. Later on, Maddie got a Macintosh SE. There was also a Plus in the center of the office. They showed up in the background of lots of shots. "Only one character ever used a Macintosh -- and the screen was made up to look nothing like a Mac -- and there was one print-out that looked suspiciously like it was done on an ImageWriter," says Merchant.

Other P.I.s who think different include:

I realize this is a really geeky list, and it probably sounds like a paid advertisement for Apple, but it's not -- I just really, really like Macs, mostly because they do what they're supposed to. If there are any other MacAddicts out there who have some examples of plugged-in eyes, and the equipment they use, drop me a line.

Oh, and yes, this site was created and is maintained on a Mac.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Dennis Sellers, Jeff Hoyle and Jan Long for the leads.

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