Thumbs of the Nose

Of course, not every private eye writer necessarily admires and respects his or her contemporaries. There have also been more than a few pot-shots at various beloved characters created by rival writers. for example, you could probably fill a small book with cheap shots at Robert B. Parker and his creation, Spenser, for example. Literary oneupmanship, or plain ol' sour grapes?

Of course, some folks find this kinda stuff quite clever, and others find it just a little childish. Contributor Bluefox808 sums up the two views nicely: "I guess since he's the most Shamus-nominated writer of all, Estleman must think he's entitled to take potshots at other PIs. So far it's been funny because Estleman only describes the PIs, never names them. But if he ever scores off my man Travis McGee, I'll stop reading Estleman's books on principle. For now, he's one of my favorite PI writers."

For the flip side, see also Tips of the Fedora.

Thanks to Bluefox808 for his help with this page.

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