Strange Sisters, Indeed
Male Lesbian Writers

Everyone loves lesbians, right? But if you think they only became hip after the courageous efforts of Howard Stern, Ellen DeGeneres and Aerosmith videos, boy, are you in for a shock! The fifties and sixties were the Golden Era of Lesbloitation, that shining time of great sensitivity in the fifties and sixties, when the paperback racks strewn across this great land of ours offered up the sapphic delights and queer pleasures of such classics as "Orgy of the Dolls," "Women in Prison" and "Lesbian Gym."

It was a small, but popular, and even lucrative market. For every heart-felt coming-of-age tale by an-honest-to-God real! live! lesbian, there was a quickie knockoff pandering to that most obstinate of male fantasies. More than one non-lesbian writer cashed in on the prose that dare not speak its name, including more than a few private eye writers, including:

Strange sisters, indeed!

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