Sweating The Small Stuff

The Shortest Eyes

These eyes may be small on stature, but they get the job done...

The hero of this 1972 Hanna Barbera cartoon for kids was a towering one inch high. Suffice it to say Inch's height was played for laughs...

  • Mongo by George Chesboro

The best known short eye, Mongo is a former circus dwarf turned professor of criminology and sometime investigator who has appeared in a long-running series that manages to straddle the boundaries of supernatural and detective fiction.

One of the shortest (three-foot-two) and certainly one of the earliest attempta to create a mystery story featuring "a little person as a protagonist," Big John appeared in 1956.

The ill-tempered hero of Comedy Central's Knee High P.I., which promises "49 inches of hot private dick action!" Oh, the hilarity.

Another dwarf who, with his partner, regular-sized Frank Hogan, appeared in the well-received 1972 television movie, Goodnight My Love.

A refreshing change. He's not an inch-high cartoon or a dwarf. He's just short, measuring a mere 5'1", but he sure gets around. He appeared in four zany novels in the sixties. Recommended if you like Prather's Shell Scott.

  • Ben Bryn by Russell Gray (Bruno Fischer)

A childhood bout with polio left this pulp eye with a pair of whithered and almost useless legs. But that didn't stop the 5'2" gumshoe from developing an extremely powerful upper torso, grim determination and a razor-sharp mind. Oh, and a little bit of sensitivity when confronted by tall women. Played more for pathos than laughs.

List compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Further additions welcome.

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