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Ex-Jock Eyes

I can't imagine Phil Marlowe jogging along the beach, and I certainly can't see Sam Spade lifting anything heavier than, say, a Maltese Falcon, or strapping himself into a Nautilus machinebut these days there are a ton of P.I. who are healthy and fit, and more than a few were professional (or at least serious amateur) athletes at one time.

  • Harvey Blissberg by Richard Rosen (played pro baseball, Red Sox outfielder)
  • Tony Boyle by William Wall (boxed)
  • Brock Callahan by William Campbell Gault (played pro football, L.A. Rams)
  • Theodore "Tut" Claw by Vincent A. Paradis (boxing, wrestler, baseball pitcher)
  • Johnny DeMarco by Frank Megna (still boxing, can't quite seem to quit)
  • Sid Halley by Dick Francis (was a professional steeplechase jockey)
  • James P. Hillton by Andrew McAleer (plays amateur hockey)
  • John Byron Hyde by Benjamin Wolff (karate instructor)
  • Miles Jacoby by Robert Randisi (was a boxer, former middleweight contender)
  • Lincoln Keller by Lee Meadows (former Oakland Raiders defensive back)
  • Max Klein by Paul Benjamin (played baseball, college level)
  • Bonecrack Krajewski by Joe Gores (played college & pro football, Notre-Dame & L.A. Raiders)
  • Jake Lassiter by Paul Levine (played pro football, linebacker)
  • Bill "The Hook" Lockwood by Brad Latham (boxed)
  • Cam MacCardle by Tucker Hallean (played pro football, NFL)
  • Travis McGee by John D. MacDonald (ex-pro football; Rams, I think, but I could be wrong about that. A knee injury ended his career)
  • Alex McKnight by Steve Hamilton (played baseball, former pro catcher)
  • Gun Pederson by L.L.Enger (played pro baseball, Detroit Tigers)
  • Hank Prince by Philip Lee Williams (played AAA baseball)
  • Mark Renzler by Paul Engelman (played baseball, minor-league second baseman)
  • Brad Shade by G.B. Joyce (pro hockey, played for the Montreal Canadiens and L.A. Kings)
  • Spenser (boxed professionally for a brief time, still trains)
  • Wyatt Storme by W.L. Ripley (pro football, former Dallas Cowboy)
  • Streeter by Michael Stone (played pro football, linebacker)
  • Joe Zanca by James N. Frey (former heavyweight contender)

Preliminary list respectfully compiled by Beeper, Paul Bergin and Kevin Burton Smith.

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