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Sharon McCone

Rachel Alexander and her pooch "Dashiell" work together solving cases in NYC.

Nathan Phillips has a cat named, appropriately -- if a tad predictably -- "Marlowe." TV's Simon and Simon had a dog with the same monicker, and so do I.

Doan and Carstairs by Norbert Davis. I can never remember which one's the master and which one's the detective. But then, neither can they...

Bill Crider's Houston-based Truman Smith has an ornery old orange tomcat he calls "Nameless." A very nice little tip of the hat to Bill Pronzini, I assume.

John and Suzy Marshall's "Khan," a 200 pound Great Dane that whose mission in life seems to be to lie sprawled across floors or the backseats of Packards, when he isn't chomping on some thug's gun hand.

George Pelecanos' Nick Stephanos feeds a one-eyed ex-alley cat, who also doesn't seem to possess a name.

Spenser & Susan Silverman's "Pearl." Spenser has all those guns. Maybe a round of Ol' Yeller would help this series.

Likewise, Elvis Cole's cat wanders in and out of his life, looking for food.

Sunny Randall's "Rosie"
Robert B. Parker's female eye owns this miniature English bull terrier, which she denies looks like a possum. Parker himself considers Rosie "a prominent character in the book." Insert your own joke about going to the dogs here.

Nick Sharman also sings the stray cat blues, tossing food to a perennial stray that hangs around. Is this a trend? none of these guys can admit to actually owning a cat?

Rick Simon (of television's Simon and Simon), had a larger, unruly dog (actually a Anatolian Shepherd) called "Marlowe"... named after you-know-who.

And I guess I really should inform you -- although it's really with rather mixed feelings -- of the existence of Sam the Cat, a feline private eye who charges half a pound of lox, plus expenses, in a couple of children's books by Linda Stewart.

Burke's monster of a dog (though the dog training tips got to be a snore)

Eva Wylie's psychotic junkyard dogs are a hoot. Much more fun than Vachhs' monster.


Inspector Chopra's pet elephant.


The Great Mutts of Detective Fiction.

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