C'mon Guys, It's Not THAT Hard...


1) Whose partner goes by the high-falutin' name of Dougal's Laird Carstairs?

Carstairs is a giant mutt whom Doan won in a poker game, in three great books by Norbert Davis.

2) Which eye wouldn't be caught dead without her beloved Magli pumps?

V.I. Warshawski by Sara Paretsky.
V.I mentions them frequently -- you could say obsessively.

3) How much is Nero Wolfe usually said to weigh?

Between 1/6 and 1/7th of a ton.

4) What private eye made a point of frequently dropping by Happy McMann's tobacco shop?

Television's Martin Kane.
The sponsor of this early TV show was a tobacco company. The actor later died of lung cancer.

5) Who said "Do I have any more bullets in this here gun? Well, with all the confusion, what with being locked up in a refrigerator, I plum forgot what was in here to start with. But being that this is a forty-five Magnum, the most powerful handgun in existence, and it could blow your head clean off, you just got to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky today? Well, do you, punk?'"

Gramma Mazur (Stephanie Plum's grandmother).
C'mon, guys, was Dirty Harry ever locked in a fridge?

6) How many people were murdered in Dashiell Hammett's novel The Maltese Falcon? Name him/her/them.

Four. Miles Archer, Floyd Thursby, Capt. Jacobi and Casper Gutman.
I said "in Dashiell Hammett's NOVEL."

7) Who's the only actor to appear in films based on novels by Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane?

Elisha Cook Jr.
He appeared in The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep and I, The Jury.

8) Which private eye boasted an "action-packed expense account"?

Radio's Johnny Dollar

9) Who hasn't played Philip Marlowe?
William Powell, James Garner, Danny Glover, Robert Mitchum or Powers Boothe?

William Powell.
A trick question. William Powell played Nick Charles in the Thin Man movies and Dick Powell played Marlowe in Murder, Ny Sweet. But Danny Glover did indeed fact play Philip Marlowe in Showtime's Fallen Angels.

10) Who runs a a one-man agency out of Cincinatti's Riorley Building?

Harry Stoner by Jonathan Valin.

11) Who are Santa Teresa's two most famous private eyes?

Lew Archer by Ross Macdonald and Kinsey Millhone by Sue Grafton.
Macdonald gave real-life Santa Barbara the monicker.

12) "Go after the big boys. Oh, don't arrest them, don't treat them to the dignity of the democratic process of courts and law... "
No, it's not a quote from the Patriot Act, it's the gospel according to who?

Mike Hammer.

13) What fictional private eye's sons are Frank and Joe?

Fenton Hardy by Franklin W. Dixon.

14) Which private eye, mourning the murder of his cop buddy, went into a bar, bought a bottle of tequila, and told the bartender, "In case any of your friends come in, let 'em have a drink on Manny Quinlan..."

Television's Harry O, played by David Janssen.

15) What hard-to-miss swinging dick tooled around Tinsel Town in a canary yellow 1941 Caddy convertible?

Shell Scott by Richard S. Prather.

16) What P.I. used to tend bar at The Spot in Washington, D.C.?

Nick Stefanos by George Pelecanos.

17) In what novel is a would-be eye named Blue hired by White to spy on Black who lives on Orange Street (and is spying on someone else)? And please name the author.

"Ghosts" by Paul Auster.

18) In Dashiell Hammett's novel, The Thin Man, what was the name of the thin man's wife?

In the novel (and the film, for that matter), the Thin Man isn't married.
In fact the "Thin Man" of the title isn't Nick Charles, but Clyde Miller Wynant, who's divorced from Mimi. But since the question could be interpreted to mean in the past tense, I reluctantly accepted Mimi as the answer. See what a magnamious guy I am?

19) Which TV eye's theme song was written and performed by Randy Newman?

Monk (in the second, and subsequent seasons).

20) In "The Pencil" by Raymond Chandler, what is "almost as crooked" as Los Angeles?

A fact I'm infinitely proud of...

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