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Yep, 250,000. That's a very conservative, very low estimate of how many private eye fans pass through just our homepage every year. And that figure doesn't even count the tens of thousands who bypass the homepage and slip in through search engines to specific pages (and right now, we have over 3000 entries on the site). If you have a book to tout, or a product to sell, and fans of fictional private eyes are part of your marketing plans, can you think of a better place to spend your advertising dollar?

The Thrilling Detective Web Site is open for business. Whether you're a publisher trying to sell a hot new book, an author trying to reach your audience, or a small mystery bookstore trying to establish a web presence, we're ready for you.

We've been at this for almost twenty years now, and we've established a rep over the years as a valuable reference site for fans of hard-boiled detective fiction. We're now averaging 25,000 hits or so a month through the front door alone, and many of our other major pages get almost that many hits. We're constantly expanding and updating the site, and we're had some very interesting contributors who've coughed up some very interesting fiction and non-fiction pieces. It should also be noted that a healthy chunk of our visitors are repeat offenders from all over the world, but especially the States, the UK, Australia and Canada. In other words, we're either doing something right, or fooling an awful lot of people. And we're doing it globally.

Unsure about advertising on the web? What the hell, so are we! But drop us a line, and maybe we can work something out. In the meantime, check out our very competitive rates for Display Advertising.

And be sure to check out our Banner Museum, to give you an idea of just some of the folks who have supported us through the years.

Awards and Blurbs

So far, we haven't received any big bags of cash, but we keep hoping....but we have been fortunate enough to receive some pretty cool awards, back when online awards meant a little more, including The Page One Award for Literary Excellence and the Aprescence Award of Excellence. We've also been mentioned in such diverse publications as CrimeTime, Shots, Australia's NetWeek, Sympatico Netlife (Canada), The Houston Chronicle and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, and I've been interviewed on local radio shows (including the CBC), the Behind the Black Mask podcast and on Sleuth TV. I'm still waiting for some sort of recognition from the mystery community itself (maybe a used bowling trophy with "Good Job" written on it with a Sharpie?) but I figure eventually someone will notice.

We've even been deemed "the internet's most popular crime-fiction site," according to, an subsidiary that compiles data on web site traffic.

We've also managed to fool some people into thinking we know what we're doing. Among those we've managed to hoodwink:

From Otto Penzler (owner of The Mysterious Bookshop in New York City)
"I love your site."

From Peter Rozovsky (founder of Detectives Beyond Borders)
"I have not consulted the Thrilling Detective Web site since ... yesterday."

From Craig Pittman (Tampa Bay Times)
"We all owe a debt of gratitude to Kevin Burton Smith for this website, which I often use as a reference when talking about crime fiction."

From J.L. Abramo (creator of the Jake Diamond series)
"The fictional private eye's best friend."

From The Mammoth Encyclopedia of Modern Crime Fiction
"One of the most impressive and thorough sites on the internet..."

From Ed Gorman
"Just wanted to tell you that you have one of the coolest and most important sites on the web. I learn something every time I log on and I log on frequently... what a mind-boggling, fantastic piece of work."

From Harlan Coben (creator of the Myron Bolitar series)
"Nice work...You're doing a mankind a great service. You will be rewarded, though probably not in this lifetime. Keep it up."

From Bill Pronzini
"If I paid more attention to Internet sites, as I should do, I'd have known about Thrilling Detective much sooner. Very enjoyable. I've bookmarked your site and will keep an eye on it. Continued success."

From Les Roberts (writes the Saxon and Milan Jacovich P.I. series)
"I'm DELIGHTED with this website, and didn't even know of its existence until today. I'm very gratified by your kind words and support for my work."

From E.M. Cosin (creator of Zen Moses, P.I., and writer for TV's Buddy Faro)
"Just perusing the Internet and found your site by accident....very cool."

From Andi Shechter (fan, critic)
"My first visit and I've bookmarked you for life..."

From Jan Grape (writes the Jenny Gordon and C.J. P.I. series, and former editor of the PWA newsletter)
"Checked out your Thrilling Detective site...There is soooooo much good stuff to look at...And now I can say with authority it's WAY COOL! "

From Kevin Guhl (creator of Detective Fork)
"I find your site to be a valuable resource for detective noir. It encapsulates the best of the genre and continues its legacy. Some people may not realize how cool
noir is until they visit your site."

From Max Allan "Impossible to Satisfy" Collins (writer; Nate Heller, Ms. Tree, Mallory, Mike Mist, Dick Tracy, etc., etc.)
"Just stumbled onto your P.I. site...mindboggling.... a terrific job!"

From Terry Beatty (cartoonist, co-creator of Ms. Tree, known accomplice of Max Collins and Wendi Lee)
"Nifty... All in all, a great site -- next time I update our page, do you mind if I list yours under our "links"?

From Alison Gordon (creator of the Kate Henry series)
"You're a man who likes talking to a man who likes to talk? What about dames? This is the first time I've been here. It won't be the last. Nice site." (She also called me an asshole, but in a nice way...)

From John Baker (British P.I. writer)
"One of the best sites I've come across, and I'll certainly be pushing it with people this side of the water."

From Duane Swierczynski (editor, writer)
"Thrilling Detective is the best I've seen, and I've been hunting around the web for a while, hungry for hardboiled action. I've spent much of today avoiding work and dipping into the various trivia items. Excellent stuff."

From Oline Cogdill (Sun-Sentinel Mystery Columnist)
"What a totally cool and damned informative site!"

From Walter Satterthwait (creator of the Joshua Croft series)
"You're a brave guy, Kevin....hang in there....a very cool web site."

Click here for more blurbs and awards.

And now, a few words from our advertisers:

From J. Michael Blue (author of 3 Lady Blues + 12, Justified Crimes and A Favor For Zodiac)
"You can send anyone who asks about ad value my way. My ad at the Thrilling Detective Web Site brought as traffic to my site as I got from my heavy presence at Blue Murder, and more than ads placed with other on-line mystery magazines. As far as I'm concerned TD delivers. Also, you Neil, Vicky, David, Denise, Anthony, and Bob have all given plenty to those of us who write mystery and crime fiction on the web. The least of what we get is the money even when folks decide to try to pay. I don't know of a web mystery writer who isn't grateful to all of you guys. The check is in the mail.... Use me a reference for your advertising any time you'd like. Thanks."

From Dave Zeltserman (author of In His Shadow)
"Wanted to let you know that my ad on the Thrilling Detective Web Site is bringing me a decent number of hits. It's been well worth the money. Timing worked out well - I was able to add a nice quote from Vicki Hendricks a few weeks after the ad went up."

So, if you've got a book to sell, a store to plug, or an announcement to make, please consider us.

Our Rates
I never started this site to make money, but if I can make enough to cover the cost of my web space, that'll be a bonus. If I actually turn a profit, I'll be amazed (and probably plow it back into the site). So, I'm willing to listen to any reasonable offer....

The Dingus Size Notes Placement
(does NOT include production charges)
We're Now Supersized!

New enlarged
standard banners!

Various locations
Our old 480 x 60 (pixels) size is pretty much toast. We're now going big -- way big.

Our new standard is a whopping 700 pixels wide by at least 120 deep.
Resolution 72dpi.

Our most popular sized ads!

Banners must be delivered electronically as a gif or jpg file. 
Or ask about our Production rates.

And check out our Go Big or Go Home! option below.

$70/two months.
Includes one specified location, and at least 9 further placements throughout the site. We will take suggestions, though.

And just for a short while, our "Go Home or Go Big" option is totally free! Or at least until I come to my senses.

For more extensive, saturation bombing-type advertising, gimme a call or see below. I am, after all, a man who likes to talk to a man who likes to talk...

Go Big or Go Home
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Add 30 more placements of your standard banner ad throughout the site. Sorry -- due to the nature of this offer, locations of the ads will be at our discretion, although we will certainly try to meet all your suggestions. Just $10.00 more/two months.
For 30 more placements!

Need more placements? Carpet bomb the site!

For every ten bucks, we'll just place your ad on thirty more pages.
"I Want the Sweet Spot!"
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on our Word on the Street (What's New) page 

Boxed inline ad, text written by you. 100 word maximum. Generally, no frills --a bookcover and a blurb.

May include graphic (extra) 

Graphics not to exceed 150 pixels wide, or 200 pixels deep. Graphic to be supplied by client, or see our production charges.

$50/two months.

With graphic (provided by client), please add,
$25/month or
$40/two months.

Specified location or island placement also available.

Highlighted listing
in our Mystery Links section

For bookstores, dealers, businesses, web sites, etc.

Same as above, but for our Mystery Links section/

May include graphic (extra)

Graphics not to exceed 150 pixels wide, or 200 pixels deep

With graphic (provided by client), please add,
$25/month or
$40/two months.

Specified location or island placement also available.

General Listing
in our Word on the Street (What's New) page

Single line entry, containing author, title, and private eye hero.


Generally, a short paragraph is included.

Generally, an entry is on our site for at least two or three months. Must be relevant to our site.

For books, please notify us if this is an original or reprint.

If your book isn't on this list, tell us!

Of course, free samples are always encouraged. And we reserve the right to refuse to publicize items we feel aren't of interest to our readers.

Text Ads
Throughout the site
Up to fifty words. Discreet text messages (with links) placed at page bottoms. Usually two or three lines. No porn, please. $25.00/month
This is just a ballpark figure for a single placement on one of our prime pages. But almost every advertiser has something different in mind, so please feel free to talk to me.

General listing
in our Mystery Links section

For bookstores, dealers, businesses, web sites, etc.

Generally, a brief description, and a web and e-mail link. must be relevant. Links to individual authors are on the pages of their characters.

Text only.

(This is more of a courtesy than an ad. We write the text, and we call 'em as we see 'em.) And we reserve the right to refuse to publicize items we feel aren't of interest to our readers.

Placement is first come, first serve. On our more popular pages, your ad may appear with several others. The "top" spot is regularly changed.

Animated Files
For customers supplying animated banners ads, there will be an additional $5.00 per month charge for placement. Limitations on bandwidth usage may be imposed.

Production Charges
The above costs reflect the client supplying their own artwork. However, we're more than willing to design and create a display ad or banner for you.

A typical banner or display ad will set you back $50.00-$80.00. For books, we usually rework the graphic elements of the cover itself, to try to retain consistency.

Scans and retouching are $20.00, if adequate digital graphics are not provided. Not responsible for returning any materials, unless adequate postage and a pre-paid SASE is included.

All supplied art work must be JPG or GIF, 72 dpi minimum.

No extra charge for suggested URL or e-mail links.

All rates are payable in advance, in U.S. funds. And PLEASE make all cheques payable to Kevin Smith -- not The Thrilling Detective Web Site or Kevin Burton Smith (my bank thinks "Kevin Burton Smith" might be someone else).

Mail all cheques and materials to:

Kevin Burton Smith
The Thrilling Detective Web Site
3053 Rancho Vista Blvd., Apt. 116,
Palmdale, California

Your ad will appear as soon as payment is received, and pending your approval..

We all offer payment via PayPal. For more info, please contact us.

About Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Other Affiliate Programs
Astute viewers and independent mystery booksellers may have noticed I sell books and DVDs through as an Associate Member (that's where most, but not all, of those "Buy This Book" links lead). I've always maintained I'd gladly replace any of those links and banners with those of any publisher, bookseller or dealer willing to make me a reasonable offer.

Over the years, very very few ever made such an offer. Or much of any offer...

But I was not -- and still am not -- a "corporate fascist lackey."

Having said all that, though, I personally try to buy most of my books from small independent and local bookstores, despite the fact Amazon has essentially supported this site, whether they knew it or not, for years.

And then, in July 2011, I was summarily booted from Amazon's Affiliate program, a casualty of their on-going spat with various state governments who feel -- quite correctly, I might add -- that online businesses should not be exempt from collecting the sales taxes that their more earth-bound, brick-and-mortar competitors (you know: the guys who actually employ people in YOUR community) already collect. I could go on about this issue -- and in fact I have. I ranted considerably about the whole topic on The Thrilling Detective Blog just after Amazon sent me my marching orders -- but suffice it to say this was very serious business here, raising very serious concerns about the future of this site.

So, reluctantly, I switched sides. The "buy" links were slowly, oh so slowly, reconfigured to Barnes & Noble's own rather clumsy and confusing affiliate program (and I never made a dime). And then in October of 2011, Amazon and the state of California struck a backroom deal or something. Suddenly I was an Amazon affiliate again.

What does it all mean? I'm not sure. I don't particularly trust Amazon the way I used to -- if they could so easily dump the very affiliates that had stood by them for years, through thick and thin, helping Amazon build its name and reputation, and use those affiliates as mere pawns in a pissing contest with assorted state governments, what was next?

But having said that, their affiliate program gets the job done. B&N could learn a thing or two. Not likely, though.

For further details
Price-haggling, queries, suggestions and questions should be directed to editor/publisher/advertising director/web monkey/pencil sharpener Kevin Burton Smith. But be warned: "I'm a man that likes to talk to a man who likes to talk."

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