No Good From a Corpse
plus Other Stories
by Leigh Brackett

At Last!

After being out of print in North America for what seems like ages, Leigh Brackett's classic Southern California private eye yarn, No Good From a Corpse, "so Chandleresque in style and approach it might have been written by Chandler himself," according to Bill Pronzini, is finally once again available, along with all of her short crime fiction, in one fat volume, from the press of Dennis McMillan.

About the Author
Leigh Brackett's very first novel, the powerful No Good From a Corpse (1944) was "so Chandleresque in style and approach it might have been written by Chandler himself," according to Bill Pronzini, in Hardboiled. The book so impressed film director Howard Hawks that he hired Leigh Brackett, the author, to co-write the screenplay with William Faulkner and Jules Furthman for The Big Sleep, his adaptation of Chandler's Philip Marlowe novel. Brackett went on to work on several more projects for Hawks, as well as for other directors, including the adaptation of another Marlowe book, for Robert Altman 1973's The Long Goodbye, and the screenplay for the second (and best, IMHO) Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back. As well as her film work, Brackett enjoyed success in several genres: westerns (she won a 1963 Spur Award for Best Western novel for Follow the Free Wind), science fiction (Brackett is best known for her numerous sci-fi novels and short stories) and, of course, the crime genre. Pronzini considers Brackett "one of the top hardboiled writers of all time." High praise, indeed. Read more about Brackett here.

About The Publisher
Dennis McMillan
has been publishing hard-boiled and outré (for lack of a better all-encompassing term) fiction, in classy, limited-editions, since 1983.

Upcoming projects include a reprint of Charles Willeford's rarest work, The Hombre From Sonora ( his "existentialist Western," to be issued under the author's original title, The Difference, and including the essay "Jake Dover as Existentialist"); an essay collection, Writing and Other Blood Sports, containing the complete text of the 1987 limited edition New Forms of Ugly: The Immobilized Hero in Modern Fiction, plus many previously unpublished pieces on other writers and the craft of writing; a limited edition of George P. Pelecanos' Shame the Devil; in the year 2000, a limited edition of Michael Connelly's Void Moon, and a biography of the man who actually INVENTED the hard-boiled style--although he never wrote genre fiction--Jim Tully. Recent issues from the press include Kent Harrington's Dia De Los Muertos (soon to be a movie starring Marlon Brando), Kent Anderson's Liquor, Guns and Ammo, and Jon Jackson's Go By Go.

How To Order
Through a special arrangement with the publisher and The Thrilling Detective Web Site, you can order directly from Dennis himself, which is way cool. Just e-mail him for full details (and don't forget to mention us). Or send a cheque directly to:

Dennis McMillan
11431 E. Gunsmith Dr.,
Tucson, AZ
Telephone: 1 (520) 760-8642

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