Andreu Martin
(1949- )

ANDREU MARTIN, born in Barcelona in 1949, has written more than 15 crime novels. He has also written fo many magazines, as well as children's books, comics, cinema, theater and television. There are no recurring characters in his stories but he has also written about at least two private eyes, Daniel Ponce, who appears in Por amor del arte (1982), and Juan Ges, who is featured in Si es no es (1983).

In these two novels, Martin mixes official investigation with the work of the private eye (in each book, there are two tangled stories). As in Montalban's other novels these offered a critical look at Spanish society.

He also wrote many texts for parodic comics (the artist/ illustrator was his ex-wife Mariel Soria who is well known in Spain) featuring Inspector Sam Balluga as the central figure.

Martin is one of spain's more acclaimed crime writers, having won several literary prizes in Europe, including the çirculo del crimen, Alfa 7, and the Deutshe Krimi.


  • El señor Capone no està en casa (1980)
  • A la vejez, novajodos (1980)
  • Prothesis (1980)
  • Por amor del arte (1982; Daniel Ponce)
  • La camisa del revés (1983)
  • Si es no es (1983; Juan Ges)
  • Hay amores que maten, y qué ? (1984)
  • El caballo y el mono (1984)
  • Sucesos (1984)
  • Memento de difuntos (1986)
  • El dia Menos Pensado (1986)
  • Jesus en los inferno (1990)
  • Todos los detectives se llaman Flanagan (1996; for adolescents)

Respectfully submitted by Marcel Bernadac

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