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Pulp and Adventure Heroes of the Pre-War Years
Jess Nevins' kick-ass guide to seemingly every significant pulp and adventure hero that ever existed in the pre-war years is one of the most fun sites in this field I've ever come across. No photos, no blinking, winking mouse-overs, just good old research and fascinating facts. Jess has rounded up an impressive array of suspects from all over the world, and from the worlds of radio, film, comics and literature. But perhaps even more fascinating than his insights into the heroes you all know and love are the guys you never heard of, the also-rans and never-weres -- the Swedish cowboys, the French vampires, the Indian P.I's and God knows what else. Recommended, especially for those just not getting enough cheese in their diets.

Pulp Coming Attractions
A must-see for pulp fanatics, including a list of upcoming pulp shows, a pulp series character reprint index, news and more.

Pulp Series Character Reprint Index
An invaluable gui
de to tracking down reprints of pulp stories you just have to read, when you can't afford -- or can't track down -- the actual mag it first appeared in, sorted by series character. Impressive, and for pulp geeks absolutely essential. part of the highly recommended Coming Attractions.

Pulp Fiction Central
Good starting point, covering all aspects of the pulps. Part of The Vintage Library's extensive pulp page, including rare pulp stories in downloadable PDF format.

A great site, full of bibliographic info, plus downloadable stories scanned right from the pages of the old pulps. It's not exclusively crime and detective fiction, and most of the writers aren't exactly A-list, but you'll find some good stuff from folks like Robert Leslie Bellem and Stewart Sterling, among others. And if you would like to be notified when new stories are added, there's a mailing list you can subscribe to.

The Pulp Zone
Nuno Miranda's intriguing site, focussing mostly on sci-fi pulps, but offering a fascinating glimpse at the world of crime and detective pulps from Portugal and Brazil, complete with a gallery of truly funky covers. There's also a great article by Steve Trout, called "Pulp Menace", on what pulps were really made from.

A good general overview of pulps.

Michael Grost's Pulp Page
I don't think he has updated it for a while, but it's a nice collection of short essays on old pulp writers. (Thanks, Mario, for the heads-up!)

Adventure House.
Publishers of various pulp reprints, run by John Gunnison. He sells and reprints a lot of old pulp stuff--fantasy, adventure, science ficiton, spicy, etc. They also offer info on At the Stroke of Midnight, a collection of Steve Midnight pulp stories, edited by John Wooley.

Pulp Fiction Postcards
Jeff Luther's magnificient site dedicated to preserving (and selling) memories of yesteryear's pulpy artwork. They sell not only postcards adorned with the covers to titles like Shameless Honeymoon and Black Opium, but key chains, T-shirts, and more. But, even if you don't buy a postcard, you can electronically send a free pulpy postcard, or just browse through a great collection of pulpy old covers from paperbacks and the pulps.

If you go to http://www.pulpcards.com/largeimg/pc-238.jpg, you'll even find a postcard illustration of the book 'Hard Boiled'...

The Pulp Gallery
A great site with something like 8,000 pulp magazine cover scans online (and more promised). A new, stream-lined intro helps lessen the peculiar entry through the Epson Photo Center, but even the old, bang-your-head-against-the-wall entry was worth it -- Daryl just has some truly great stuff here. There's also include a clickable links page. Let your browser do the walking, and let your eyes do the gawking.

R. A. Maguire Cover Art
The only commercial, fully authorized web site dedicated to the artwork of Robert A. Maguire, administered by his daughter Lynn Maguire. You can buy high quality prints, postcards and T-shirts of many of his famous covers -- and even some copies of original paintings that were never used.

Jaap van Deijk's Pulp Art Palace
A small, but interesting collection of pulp covers, covering several different genres -- including, of course, detective fiction. From his intro: "On every picture there are women, most of the time in lingerie. Most of the images are LIGHT EROTIC, but they all have in common that the pictures displayed here are of an era long gone. Only the memory of those times remains in these pictures."

Jamie Fraser Books
Jamie (a member of A.B.A.C.) specializes in Pulps & Pulp Fiction and Paperback Collectibles, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mysteries. Darn! Another reason to visit Toronto! Or at least Scarberia...

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