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The New Comic Book Releases List Web Site
Heard about a good one coming out? Find out when it's coming out, on this great site, which also has one of the best links pages for American comics I've ever seen. You can even get a weekly e-mail with all the new releases. And after you've been to this site, it's only natural to head on over to...
They bill themselves as "The World's Biggest Comic Book Convention," and they just may be right. You can order comics, catch up on the latest, even track down your favorite writers and artists, and find out what's up with them.

Classic Comic Books
Contains reviews and articles about comic strips and comic books, and articles on their writers and artists, designed and written by Michael E. Grost, a comics enthusiast who lives near Detroit, Michigan, USA. This site offers pretty in-depth looks at such Golden Age comic P.I.s as Speed Saunders, Roy Raymond, Larry Steele and Slam Bradley. Michael's also the dude behind the amazing Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection, Classic Film and Television. Both are heartily recommended.

Hard-Boiled Mysteries Detective and Crime Comics
Part of Etienne Borgers' Hard-Boiled Mysteries site. A brief intro to some of the best of the European and American detective and crime comics. Etienne knows a bit about comics, having scripted one of BD stewardess heroine Natacha's more hardboiled forays back in the seventies. Drop by and say "Hi!"
CURRENT STAUS: Missing in action.

Bandes dessinées d'inspiration policière
Contributor Marcel Bernadac's great new website about French detectives in comics. En français, but the pictures alone are worth it. The French know how to do crime comics. A complement to his Le récit policiers d'expression française.

European Comics on the WEB
Erik Tjong Kim Sang, a Swedish university researcher in fundamentals for computer applications, has created this link-filled site so English readers can get an idea of some of the great European comics out there.

Those whose taste runs more to the vintage rather than the new will find an inspiring assortment of crime comics from the 40's and 50's here. The large cover scans may take a little time to load, but they're well worth the wait. (Thanks to James Stephenson for this one).

Moonstone Books
The folks at Moonstone Books have announced their plans for a very ambitious series of "Moonstone Noir" graphic novels, wherein they intend to ressurrect some of the most beloved pulp, radio and television detectives of all time. All titles are 48-pages, square-bound, and self-contained, and contain art and text by such impressive names as Stefan Petrucha, Kirk Van Wormer, Jay Faerber, David Gallaher, C.J. HEnderson, William Messner Loebs, Richard Clark and Eric Theriault. They intend to cover private eye types such as Jack Hagee and Johnny Dollar, and quasi-P.I.s like Boston Blackie, Bulldog Drummond, Kolchak the Nightstalker, and The Lone Wolf. Books on The Hat Squad and The Mysterious Traveler may also interest visitors to this site.

A good, general interest newsgroup dealing with comics.

The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe: Who's Who
A great site for tracking down obscure and not-so-obscure DC characters.

Where To Get 'em!
by Rick Robinson

The Master List of Comic Book Stores and Trading Card Places
Once you've found out when it's coming out, or after you've found out it's already out, here's where you can find it. An ever-expanding listing of stores in the U.S. and Canada.

NCRL's Comic Book Shops on the Internet
Brought to you by the same folks who bring you The New Comic Book Releases List Web Site, so you know it's good. And here's some specific dealers:

Bud Plant
The one I like the best. The catalog is about 280 pages four times a year and it's packed with great (though not budget) stuff. Oh there is some discounted stuff, but a lot of it's first run. It's where I bought Pulp Culture, for instance. They handle a lot of art & artists books as well. You stay on the catalog list by buying something every six months or so, which isn't too difficult!

Comic Relief
One of the all-time great comic book stores, with over 14,000 graphic novels in stock, and carrying well over 700 different monthly titles. It's located in Berkeley, CA, just a block away from UC Berkeley. Their phone number is 510-843-5002.

by Rick and me.

The official site of DC Comics more sophisticated (dare I say "adult"?) imprint. Publishers of Sandman Mystery Theatre, 100 Bullets, and mini-series and graphic novels such as Jonny Double, Scene of the Crime, Angel and the Ape and others. Arguably the best comic line in North America.

The premier publisher of graphic albums in France, and publishers of, among many others, Jacque Tardi's masterful adaptations of Leo Malet's Nestor Burma novels. These guys take comics very seriously. Just amazing, beautiful books.

Fantagraphic Books
A little of everything, a lot of a lot of stuff. Want Hate comics, they have them all, Want Bob Griffith Zippy stuff? They have five collections. R. Crumb? Yep. Bob Miller? Yep. Want Fearless Fosdick? Yep. Krazy Kat? Yep. Prince Valiant? Yep. A Love and Rockets Zippo lighter? Yep. Eros Graphic novels? Yep and Yep. (a separate catalog for EROS stuff, I think).

NBM Publishing (Nantier "Beall" Minoustchine)
Now we're talking about a publisher rather than a distributor, though they distribute things as well. Go to the website and sign up for a catalog is the easiest way to see their wares. They have some Erotic stuff, no comics but a lot of graphic novels though not much in the mystery vein, unfortunately.

Kitchen Sink Press
Another major supplier, with a LOT of stuff. The catalog rivals Bud Plants, if you get both you have probably got things covered. You stay on the catalog list by buying something every six months or so, same as Bud Plant. They've got stuff by Alan Moore, Carol Lay, Charles Burns, Dave McKean, Doug Allen, Eddie Campbell, Erez Yakin, Jack Jackson, Jay Stephens, Jim Woodring, John Mueller, John Wagner, Mark Landman, Mark Schultz, Matthew Coyle, Neil Gaiman, Phoebe Gloeckner, Rick Veitch, Robert Crumb, Scott McCloud, Will Eisner...

I've ordered from all of these sources, and they are all reputible. They haven't mischarged me nor have I had any delivery problems. Of course sometimes things get back-ordered, but they are very good about letting you know and they keep plugging to get the book. I haven't ordered from the websites, but then I get the catalogs and just sort of go through them a couple of times and then send of a check for the few things I can't live without.

I'm not proposing any of these as a substitute for the local comic shop, but if there are 4,000 comic shops in the US and Canada, as I read recently, then there must be a lot of people who don't have one nearby or don't have one that carries or will get the stuff they want. There are certainly a LOT of things in these catalogs and on the websites that my local shop doesn't carry!

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