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Yeah, it's obvious that not all these magazines are exclusively non-fiction. most of them have, will or are including fiction alongside the usual non-fiction news, views, reviews and interviews, so there's bound to be some cross-over with the magazines listed on
Fiction Beyond the Pulps: The Digests and Mystery Magazines. The primary focus of those included here, though, is non-fiction. Titles in gray are no longer being published..

  • The Armchair Detective
    The one and only. The late and lamented. The standard by which all other non-fiction mags are judged. This quarterly was around forever (or at least since 1967). It began as a mimeographed newsletter by Allen J. Hubin, spent a few years under the sonsorship of the University of California, and eventually found a home with Otto Penzler, as part of his Mysterious Press. The journal of record for the entire genre. A bit stodgy at times, and it was usually out of date by the time it finally came out, but back issues are well worh hunting down. It's still recommended, and it is still missed.

  • CADS
    (1985--, U.K.)

    Editor/Publisher: Geoff Bradley
    Single Issues:
    UK £6.25.
    Other (air) £10.00 (or $18 in bills)
    Europe £8,50 (or €10 note)
    Other (surface) £8,50 (or $15 in bills) £5 (UK) or £6.50 or $10 (USA/Canada) airmail.
    Please make all cheques payable to G.H. Bradley.
    U.S. Payments: please pay in $ bills. Cheques only accepted, very reluctantly.
    Geoff can now accept payment by PayPal but would be grateful if a small amount were added to cover the commission that PayPal may take
    Address: CADS, 9 Vicarage Hill, South Benfleet, Essex, SS7 1PA England
    A British crime mag, edited by our pal Geoff Bradley. Unapologetically old school, CADS doesn't even have a proper web site, although a bit of poking around will reveal the table of contents for individual issues (and ordering info) on The Tangled Web.

  • Clues, A Journal of Detection
    (1980-2001; 2004 --)
    Print & digital
    Publisher: McFarland & Co, Jefferson, NC
    Founded in 1980 and originally published by Bowling Green State University, this peer-reviewed, bi-annual is the go-to place for heavy-duty scholarly research on detective fiction, with the occasional book review thrown in. Available by subscription only, many of the original articles were from the Popular Culture Society conferences, and believe me, those guys take their detective fiction very seriously, indeed. Too seriously, sometimes, But overall, the journal is excellent, a heady brew of academic essays and nonfiction book reviews, covering all aspects of mystery and detective fiction material in print, television, and movies.. Alas, the original run ended in 2001, but the journal was revived in 2004, after Elizabeth Foxwell spearheaded its acquisition from Bowling Green State University, and now proudly billing itself as "the only U.S. scholarly journal on mystery and detective fiction."

  • Crime Factory
    (2001-03; 2010--)
    Currently digital

    Founding editor: David Honeybone
    Excellent but short-lived Australian crime mag was firmly rooted down under, but kept an eye on the world. in its reviews, articles and fiction. Over the course of nine issues, the print-only magazine was sold by subscription all over the world and could be also found in select indie bookshops. Honeybone pulled the plug in 2003 and the Factory gathered dust until 2010, when original contributor and Honeybone-conspirator Cameron Ashley, along with Liam José and Keith Rawson, relaunched the zine as an online PDF, before moving into e-reader formats and print on demand.

  • CrimeSpree
    (2004 --)
    Publishers and editors:
    Jon and Ruth Jordan
    Fiction editor: Jennifer Jordan
    Entertainment editor: Jeremy Lynch
    Mailing Address: CrimeSpree, 536 South 5th Street, Suite 1A, Milwaukee, WI 53204
    Contributors: Sarah Weinman, Ali Karim, Ayo (ola) Onatade, Dave Biemann, Annie Chernow, Thalia Proctor, Joe Lemmer, Mary Reagan, Kelli Ketterling
    A new bi-monthly, scruffy and passionate, covering crime fiction in all its guises. That ain't a chip on its shoulder -- that's a feature!

  • CrimeTime
    Print (1999- 2008)
    Tel & Fax: +44 - (0)1582 - 761264
    Barry Forshaw
    Slick, well-produced, opionated, professional British crime mag, with a definite slant towards the harder edge of the spectrum. Coverage of hardboiled fiction, films, television, etc., from the U.K., Europe, the States and everywhere else. Not for pussies. Thrilling Detective Web Site contributor Peter Walker is also a regular contributor to Crime Time. The print edition ceased publication in 2008, and Crimetime has since continued as a web site only.

  • Deadly Pleasures
    Publisher: George Easter
    Subscriptions: One year $14 (US$16 in Canada, US$24 overseas). Sample issue $3.50
    Address: Deadly Pleasures, Box 839, Farmington, UT 84025 U.S.A.
    An excellent publication with great over-all coverage of the genre, complete with interviews, reviews and general information.Chock-full of reviews and articles and stuff. Recent releases list is divided into "cozy to medium-boiled" and "medium-boiled to hard-boiled". They also bestow the annual Barry Awards, which are chosen by subscribers to the magazine and by visitors to its web site.

  • The Drood Review
    Editor: Jim Huang
    Subscriptions: Bimonthly, $14 for one year in the US, $18 for one year in Canada and $24 for one year elsewhere.
    Address: The Drood Review, 306 S Main Suite 1C-107, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 U.S.A.
    The Drood Review offers in-depth, well-written reviews of recent mysteries and lists of immediately forthcoming titles.Each issue, about 20+ new titles are reviewed and about 250 new titles are listed.

  • Mean Streets
    14 issues
    Editor: Stuart Coupe
    $8/one copy airmail, 5$/boat; $38 year/$28 by boat.
    214 Hat Hill Rd., Blackheath, NSW 2785, Australia
    Billed itself as "Australia's premiere mystery journal." Featured mostly non-fiction but usually had one or two stories per issue, several of them US reprints.

  • Mystery & Detective Monthly (MDM)
    Cap'n Bob Napier
    This late, lamented popular letter-zine, billed as "The Magazine of Great Letterature," had some very interesting contributions. It consisted entirely of letters about mysterydom -- books, writers, gossip, feuds, what-have-you. Edited by Cap'n Bob Napier, "word's most loveable curmudgeon." While Bob's lovability may have been open to question, the letters were always a hoot. They were supposed to be about mystery fiction and the world of mystery in general, but they sometimes ranged pretty far afield.

  • Mystery Buff Magazine
    Publisher: Felita Daniels
    Subscriptions: One year $36 in the U.S., $45 for Canadian, $53 for Overseas
    Address: Felita Daniels, Publisher, 304 Lover's Lane, Townsend, TN 37882 U.S.A.
    Former URL:
    Short-lived mag featured fiction, non-fiction, contests, news, gossip. Had a good website, too.

  • Mystery*File
    Editor: Steve Lewis
    Associate Editor: Allen J. Hubin
    Address: Steve Lewis, 62 Chestnut Road, Newington CT 06111
    Contributors: Steve Lewis, Al Hubin, Caryn Wesner-Early, Richard Moore, Dan Stumpf, Walter Albert, Bill Crider, Marv Lachman
    It's back... Steve Lewis has revived his much-loved and much-missed no-frills fanzine, Mystery*File, as a blog. For the most part it will still consist of reviews, commentary checklists and other matters of bibliographic interest to detective and mystery fans. And comments, which are certainly welcome. The original Mystery*File aspired to be "an up-to-date newsletter for the field, but a place where old and new works co-exist, where older mysteries can be brought up and discussed as well as those by the most recent hot authors, and where the careers of writers canbe looked at in perspective. Mystery*File will be for those fans who love to read and talk about mysteries and series characters, and those who love to make checklists and those who love to have them, and if you can assist in accomplishing any of these goals, then so much the better." The blog has, so far, continued this legacy with style and pluck. Essential!

  • Mystery News
    Print (until 2008)
    Editor: Lynn Kaczmarek
    Business Manager: Chris Aldrich
    Subscriptions: $20 US for 1 year/six issues. Cheques made payable to Mystery News.
    Address: Mystery News, PMB 152, 105 E. Townline Drive, Vernon Hills, IL 60061-1424, U.S.A.
    A smart, Anthony award-winning bi-monthly focussing on the latest mystery books, writers, and events. They gave it to you straight, with 60-70 reviews and 80-90 previews per issue. Contributors included Chris Aldrich, Reed Andrus, Gary Niebuhr, Beth Fedyn, Frank Denton, Marv Lachman and Lynn Kaczmarek. Reviews and excellent interviews abounded.

  • Mystery Readers Journal
    Editor: Janet L. Rudolph
    Publisher: Mystery Readers International
    Subscription: $24/ for US and Canada for 1 year/four issues (US$36 for overseas airmail)
    The Mystery Readers Journal, P.O. Box 8116, Berkeley, CA, 94707 U.S.A.
    The official publication of Mystery Readers International, the largest mystery fan/reader organization in the world. Published quarterly, open to all readers, fans, critics, editors, publishers, and writers of mysteries. Each Journal contains articles, reviews and author essays on a specific theme (New York mysteries, academic mysteries, etc.). , as well as special columns, a calendar of events, and other mystery related material, and run an average of 64 pages. Started and still edited by Janet A. Rudolph, and ably assisted by Kate Derie, who also runs the Cluelass website, it now has members in all 50 of the United States and in 22 foreign countries. Members vote each year to nominate and select the winners of the Macavity Award. In many areas, there are local chapters which hold "at homes" -- intimate evenings with mystery writers, as well as classes and discussion groups. Covers the entire mystery genre. Check out their excellent website .
    WARNING: References may be made to cat mysteries in some issues.

  • Mystery Review: A Quarterly Publication For Mystery Readers
    Quarterly (well, d'uh!)
    Editor: Barbara Davey
    A classy Canadian quarterly, nicely-produced (overly-produced, maybe -- do we really need all that white space?), focussing on (but not limited to) Canadian mystery writing. Reviews too frequently tended to the gosh, gee whiz sort, but over its eleven year run, it brought a touch of class to the mystery scene, and ran some damn fine non-fiction articles by regular contributors Rosie deShaw and David Skene Melvin.

  • Mystery Scene
    (1985 --)
    Editor: Kate Stine
    Publisher: Kate Stine and Brian Skupin
    Founded by Robert Randisi and Ed Gorman (1985)
    Contributors include:
    Oline H. Cogdill, Lwrence Block, Ed Gorman, Jon L. Breen, Betty Webb, Tom Nolan, Dick Lochte, Joseph Goodrich, Louis Phillips, Bill Crider, Elizabeth Foxwell, Jake Hinkson, Kevin Burton Smith
    Mystery Scene Magazine
    P.O. Box 2200, Radio City Station
    New York, NY 10101-2200
    Address for UPS/Fedex/DHL, etc.:
    Mystery Scene Magazine
    322 W. 52nd Street #2200,
    New York, NY 10101
    Tel: 212-765-7124
    Fax: 212-202-3540
    Founded in 1985 by Ed Gorman and Robert Randisi, Mystery Scene originally served as a sort of trade journal. In September 2002, Kate Stine and Brian Skupin took over the editorial and ownership chores, and slowly began reformatting the magazine and changing its focus. Currently published five times a year, it's now pitched to mystery fans, aiming to both enlighten and entertain, covering not just books but films, television, blogs, websites and other media. They offer expert regular review coverage, as well as opinion pieces and essays by well-known authorities in various fields. The magazine has received numerous awards, including an Anthony Award for Best Mystery Magazine by the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention in 2004 and the Ellery Queen Award by the Mystery Writers of America for contributions to mystery publishing in 2006. Contributors include award-winning critics and experts on all sorts of crime fiction, as well as some of crime fiction's best writers, editors, agents, booksellers, film and television directors and collectors. I think I'm in there to cleanse the palate.
  • The Mystery Writers Forum
    Just what it says. A forum for mystery writers.

  • Over My Dead Body
    See entry on Fiction Beyond the Pulps: The Digests and Mystery Magazines.

  • The Rap Sheet
    Editor: J. Kingston Pierce
    Contributors: Sarah Weinman, Caroline Cummins, Karen G. Anderson, Jennifer Jordan, Anthony Rainone, Cindy Chow, Ali Karim, Kevin Burton Smith
    Not really a magazine at all, but an e-mail newsletter, this offshoot of the online January Magazine literary site is nonetheless rapidly becoming one of the review sources of record in the crime fiction field, thanks to J. Kingston Pierce's shrewd editorial hand, and its intelligent and perceptive reviews -- far removed from the unfortunate fluffery of some other so-called "reviews" in other magazines. And I'd say that even if I wasn't occasionally a contributor. Regular feastures include "Pierce's Picks," "New and Noteworty", "In the News" (including, generously, articles of note in other magazines) and "Last Rewards," a listing of current nominees and winners of mystery awards. You can view each month's issue online, or subscribe for free, and have it delivered via e-mail.

  • Shots (formerly A Shot in the Dark)
    See entry on Fiction Beyond the Pulps: The Digests and Mystery Magazines.

  • Web Mystery Magazine
    Editor: Rosalie Stafford, , M.A.
    Contributors: Jennifer Jordan, Sharan Newman, Tom and Ginger Johnson, Jeffrey Marks, Dr. Anil Aggrawal, Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D., Meliss Vessier-Batchen, RN, MSN
    An on-line quarterly journal dedicated to investigating the mysterious genre in print, in film, and in real-life, they offer well-researched, well-written articles and reviews by all sorts of experts, including some who don't even have initials after their names.

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