Blast from the Past Department
(November 2001)

The "Click Me, Deadly" Links

Mr. Smith went to Washington to attend the 2001 Bouchercon. Besides plugging the hell out of Iced and Down These Wicked Streets, and laughing, talking and drinking too much, he found the time, between rounds, to moderate a panel on November 1, entitled Click Me, Deadly. Its theme was crime fiction and the internet.

The panelists were D.L. Browne, Victoria Esposito-Shea and Jane Kelly.
There were no survivors.
(Actually, it was pretty good. I think -- or at least hope -- we offered up a little something for everyone. Full coverage of such a large and unwieldy topic would have been impossible, given the fact nobody wants to sit through a week-long panel discussion. If you were there and have any suggestions for my next panel -- hey, you never know -- drop me a line...)

The panel (and other sessions at the convention) were taped and can be ordered from:
Audio Recording Services, Inc.
PO Box 213,
Queenstown, MD 21658

The cost is $10.00 per tape and $7.00 for shipping. The flyer I picked up says buying on-line saves shipping and handling costs.


As promised, here are some of the favourite links mentioned or suggested by the moderator and panelists.

The Thrilling Detective Web Site
This one's a no-brainer. You're already here, dude. More P.I.s than you can shake a stick at.

Wicked Company Writers Community
A passionate and completely kick-ass writers' discussion list. D.L. Browne rides shotgun.

Hard-hitting crime fiction in the palm of your hand. Victoria's in charge of this one.

The Meg Daniels Mysteries
Jane's site, which she maintains herself, spotlighting her series character. Cos nothing matters in the world, you know, when you're in love with a Jersey Girl.

A Dow Jones/Reuters Company's corporate site. Jane ties stories to their promotional activities.

Jersey Mysteries
A joint promotional site that Jane maintains.

The Cape May Times
Our gal Jane writes a monthly column for these guys.

Including the Kitchen Sink

Webmistress and stand-up gal Kate Derie certainly isn't ClueLess when it comes to mystery, detective and crime fiction. Her comprehensive, always-current site, with a guestbook, reviews, links for magazines, publishers, writers, mystery organizations and everything else is well-produced and organized, and even features a list of forthcoming mystery books. And she's also responsible for The Deadly Directory. Does this woman ever sleep? Hell, even though the organizers said she couldn't be on our panel, she still showed up, and fielded a question or two from the moderator.

The Write Stuff

Guide to Literary Agents

Classic Mystery Homepage

Sharp Writer
The single best place for legal research, which needs to be done more often than you'd expect...


Blue Murder
Currently missing in action, unfortunately, but so far still the standard by which all on-line crime fiction will be judged. Hard, tough fiction, downloadable and free. Like the Mary Ellen Carter, may it rise again...

Plots With Guns
Ground zero for the new pulp. "We're looking for good fiction, poetry, and essays in the hardboiled noir tradition (tweaked and twisted, however). And it has to have a gun in it. You can be as sly as you want with that or come out guns blazing, as long as there's a gun in it." They're also interested in original black-and-white artwork or photography for the frontispiece. Published bi-monthly, and currently seeking submissions. The CrimeDogs howl!.

NEFARIOUS - Tales of Mystery
R.K.Foster, AKA Ned, is the nefarious editor (N.Ed.) of this ambitious e-zine, a "mystery entertainment and information site for readers, writers, moviegoers, and fans of the mystery in all its forms," which features fiction, non-fiction, news and reviews.

Been to the animal fair, and wondering what became of the Monk? He's back as the editor of this hard-boiled fiction e-zine. A good place for beginning writers a little intimidated by the whole editing process. And with a name like Judas, you know they're completely trustworthy...

Talk To Me

Rara Avis
William Denton's fantastic moderated mailing list concerning all things hardboiled, including, ahem, private eyes and other detective fiction. Simply the best moderated list on the web. Harriet, this is how it's done.

Gerald So's mailing list is dedicated to the new wave of mystery writers (male or female, mid-1980s to present) carrying the P.I. tradition into the future.

The suck-free place for serious in-depth discussion of mystery books. Take your favourite book or most recent read and discuss it in detail with others, who have actually read it. Spoilers *are* allowed.

Compiled by Sharon Villines, this list is for serious, if occasionally rather dry, discussion of the history and criticism of detective fiction including research, collecting, and documentation.

The grand dame of crime fiction discussion lists. Occasionally silly and prone to gossip and touchy-feely camaraderie among its members, but God save the Queen, I say. And tell them Kevin sends his love.

I Heard The News Today, Oh Boy...

The Mystery News
Chris "Strong Arm" Aldrich and Lynn "Do I have to send Chris over?" Kaczmarek's Anthony-winning mystery newsletter. It comes out in print every two months, but its web site features regular updates on its What's New pages, plus reviews that didn't make the printed version.

All for now...
This is the first draft. More to come...

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