Congratulations...on the ten years and on your Gumshoe Award.  All well deserved.  See you soon.

John Shannon

Thanks for a great 10 years.  And thanks for giving new writers a voice.

Mike MacLean, Author
Tempe, Arizona

This has got to be the most amazing site I've ever checked out.  The wealth of information is astounding!  Keep it up!  Here's to 10 more!

Bob, NJ

Kevin & Team - THRILLING DETECTIVE is *the* place I go to for news, reviews, stories, and as a reference point for old "tough guy detective" favorites. Congratulations on the Big 100 -- hope you're around for 100 more! Persevere!

Wayne D. Dundee, Ogallala, NE

Just checked out the whole new issue. Wow. Really something. I'm quite proud to be in it. Thank you very much, sir.

Eric Lerner

My own seven years with the site have been a true honor.  Good luck on your hiatus.  Let me know when you want to look at stories again.

Gerald So
Editor, Author

Many happy returns on this special occasion. Ten big years! I thank you for this labour of love that you have put together, and I truly hope that it will pay off financially soon. You deserve all possible accolades.

You are one of a kind, so is your site. May you always have the energy and resources to continue!

Keith Logan,
Matane, Quebec

Happy tenth, KBS. Congratulations on not only surviving, but flourishing and having a good time.

Vince Emery, San Francisco

Congratulations on a smashing decade.  Here's to your next ten years!

Keith Alan Deutsch,
Black Mask Magazine
Black Mask Audio Magazine

Happy Birthday, You Crazy Mooks!!

David Gallaher, Author

Thanks for giving me and my degenerate colleagues (both fictional and real) the opportunity to sully your pages with our filth. Here's to another 10!

Ray Banks, Author

Happy birthday and congratulations Kevin!

Tim Broderick, Author/Cartoonist

Congratulations, Kevin! Rara-avis passed 10 last year and I'll be 60 next month. Let's keep going a few more years.

Geir Glosviik

Ten years!  Hard to believe.  Thanks for being the best site on the web for private Dicks and Janes. Here's to ten more.

Mark Troy, Author

Remarkable! As many more years as you want, and still enjoy doing it, Kevin.

Todd Mason, Editor

Happy Birthday, dear Thrilling! You guys are great -- keep up the good work! (We'll "officially" be 10 on May 15.)

Stan & Lucinda at Stop,
You're Killing Me!

I've been a fan of the site for years and have the honour of writing an entry in the PI section. Thanks for being my favourite site on the web and congrats on 10 big years.

Jim Collins, Editorial Cartoonist
Hamilton, Ontario

Cool site, Kevin.  Congrats and hosannas on 10 years.

As I recall, I discovered your site by accident several years ago.  You ran ads for my ebook and now you're running ads for the paperback.  

Keep up the good work on this interesting part of American culture.  I, for one, hold to the view that the fictional private eye is part of the chilvaric tradition.  He or she is the lone knight or Ronin who finds justice for those unable to find it for themselves.  The fictional PI is a moral and intellectual force to be admired.

Virgil Jose, author

Kevin said something about there being beer and wings here?  Molson?

Out-n-about induhav, Lancaster, CA

An outstanding 10-year run, Kevin, Gerald, and everyone else connected with TD. Keep it going for at least another 10. Happy Birthday!

Barry Ergang, Editor,
Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine
Bryn Mawr, PA

Heartiest congratulations on ten terrific years helping to keep this wonderful PI tradition alive. It has been a distinct pleasure to be associated with Thrilling Detective, and to count so many of the TD staffers among my friends in this crazy business. Here's to another ten thrilling years!

Rick Helms, Author
Back In The Trees, North Carolina

Happy birthday guys! The fact that the site is still up and running after 10 years is amazing. Keep up the good work!

Annie, Bulgaria

"A detective digs around in the garbage of people's lives. A novelist invents people and then digs around in their garbage." -- Joe Gores

Thanks to all the inventors and diggers, as well as this wonderful site that celebrates imagination.

Pinky Pinkster, S.F. Bay Area

Congrats on ten wonderful years devoted to all things private eye. There better be many, many more.

Sarah Weinman, Reviewer
LA Times

happy friggin b-day! keep on keepin on. you are much appreciated.

guns and love,
sonny, philadelphia, pa, usa

Congratulations on ten years!  That's a serious accomplishment. Keep on keeping on.

Shannon Clute,

Keep up the great work!!!

John Weagly, Chicago

Happy Birthday, TD! You guys don't get close to the props you deserve for all the hard work throughout the years. Here's to ten more.

Paul Guyot

Congrats on the 10th Anniversary of The Thrilling Detective. All the very best for another 10 years. Your site does a great service by keeping crime fiction before the attention of thousands of readers.

Christopher G. Moore, Author

Congrats on 10 great years, and thanks for the interview!  I'm gradually getting hooked, and have a "to read" list now.  You can hear Kevin on under "Podcast".

Jeremy Clover, Journalist
Huntington Beach

Wow. Ten years. Who'd a thunk it?


Congratulations, Kevin and henchfolks, and Happy Birthday to the Thrilling Detective wherever he may go.

Con Lehane, Author

Well, Kevin, I looked around for a quote (couldn't think of a P.I. one) and this was the best I can come up with:

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional." ~Chili Davis

It's good to see you made it! Don't stay away too long!

Eric Chambers, Wallerawang, New South Wales, Australia - no really!

'Time Flies Like An Arrow, Fruit Flies Like A Banana' (Groucho). It's been a pleasure as well as an education.  Many thanks for the pleasurable education.  Here's to your next ten...

Tise Vahimagi, UK

"You are the sunshine of my life... for you I'll always be around/You are the apple of my crime writer's/reader's eye..."

You can imagine how the rest goes. Thanks for ten years of Hard Boiled devotion!! Wish I'd known you when...

Seth Harwood, Author
Berkeley, CA

Happy Birthday to the best website of its kind.

Glen Davis, Yuba City, CA

Thanks for giving me my start and thanks for ten years of entertainment!

Dave White, Author
New Jersey

Happy birthday, you tough guys! I look forward to each and every issue. I got to have my fedora and trench coat nearby, plus a stiff drink. When in doubt about a writer or any related topic, I look it up here, to get a better grip on it. Then I discover something new, that I didn't know about or existed. Makes me feel like a real detective, without all the legwork. You guys are the stuff that dreams are made of. Brilliant!  Good luck and continued sucess on your 10th anniversary and beyond.

Lee Curiel, Whittier, CA

And many, many more! (If you want to work that hard.) Sincerest best wishes!

Fred Zackel

Please tell me you're coming back.  I've been reading you for ages and appreciate the hard work that has gone into the production of THRILLING DETECTIVE.  I have been thrilled.

Congratulations on this magnificent milestone.  Let's hope we are both around for the Twentieth Anniversary Addition.

Tom Cooke, San Antonio, Texas

If there were pulitzers for keeping on, Kevin should get one or maybe two. It may seem like a thankless job but all of us lacking the energy to do a Thrilling Detective thank you every day. KEEP IT UP. PLEASE

John Wirebach, Levittown, PA

Love the site.  You guys do a great job.

Happened to be browsing your site a week or so ago and saw an entry for Ethan Proctor and Black Oak Security.  I thought, "Cool, they actually liked my recommendation".  Then I clicked the link, and the writing sounded eerily familiar.  I thought, "Cool, they actually liked my summary of the author, Charles Grant, too."

The coolest part was when I saw my name at the bottom of the screen.  I thought, "Wow, they even gave me credit".

Thanks, guys, for doing your part to keep this thrilling genre alive.

Eric Bass, Baker, FL

I love Thrilling Detective. Of course, I am a licensed private detective and a large public persona. I guess that's why people say "Burl Barer is a big dick in person." (But) like my fictional character Jeff Reynolds, I have my PI license as a gimmick. I've never cracked a case bigger than a 24-pack of Dr. Brown's Creme Soda. You guys, however, are true accomplished professionals, the standard of the industry, the benchmark for everyone who ever wanted to mark a bench, be a mench, or mention the finest in web-based literary entertainment.  Thrilling Detective is probably the reason Al Gore invented the Internet. Which reminds me, do you think Global Warming will have a chilling effect on winter sports?

Congrats to you, and continue thrilling me!

Burl Barer, that sign post up ahead

Thank Buddies.

Abbas Saqib, Pakistan

Congratulations, I discovered your website about 3 years ago and its helped me track down a lot of classic detective novels that I had lost track of. may you have decades more.

Lyall, Toronto

I have just visited your web site for the first time, having found a link there it on Your wonderful site is now bookmarked.

Your FAQ page had me chuckling like a lunatic.... having to deal with fools is very trying isn't it? (That is not to say we can't  all behave foolishly from time to time!)

Anyway, not to waste any more of your time, this is just to say congratulations on, and thank you for, the excellent web site.

Kay Barlow

Happy Birthday! The fiction you feature is fantastic! Keep up the good work for another ten.

David S. Brown, Dallas, Texas

Thanks for the great work on this site. I just finished a book titled "Radio by the Book: Adaptations of Literature and Fiction on the Radio," that will be published by McFarland & Co. later this year. Your site was an enormous help in my research and I appreciate it.

Tim DeForest, Sarasota, FL

Thanks for providing a safe way to keep track of all the toughest guys in literature. If we had to go and look up all these guys ourselves, we wouldn't ever make it home again.

B.L.Morgan, The Seattle/Tacoma Area

Happy birthday Thrilling Detective. I enjoy your site immensely and I sincerely appreciate your hard work. What you have nurtured is very special to me and unique among websites. Thank you.

R.W. Lewis, Tennessee

Thanks for creating this site. I've yet to configure my Kansas City 1930s historical crime stories to a format that I believe would fit in with Thrilling Detective. But you, and the author's you publish give me hope. The PI, the crime novel, noir, it's all alive. Thanks mostly to you all. Keep up with the good work of letting people kill off all their babies.

Tristan Smith, Lawrence, KS

Comments: 10 years......! Feliz cumpleaños !!

Enrique Casas (Lector),
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Congrats from that other Kevin on SMFS and a few other places. Keep up the good work!

Kevin R. Tipple, Online Reviewer
Plano, Texas

Happy Birthday! Kind regards from Germany

Arndt, Frankfurt/Main

The following also sent congratulatons:

Kieran Shea, Annapolis, MD

Duke Seabrook, Halifax

Marsha Collier

Murray Fleming, Omaha

Rick Frisby, Springdale, Arkansas

Stephen William Storor, birmingham , england

Stefano Hipster, U.S.

Don, Tampa, FL

Drop a dime. Your comments, suggestions and contributions are always welcome.
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