Yes, it's true. On April 1, 2012, this site will have been wasting your time (and mine) for fourteen years. Believe me, I'm finding that as hard to believe as you do...

But to celebrate, I thought I'd give a little something back to some of you who've been hanging around here, making it all worthwhile, supporting the site, supporting the genre, supporting me, in some cases.

If you're a P.I. author or fan, a bookstore or a dealer or something that has some sort of connection to P.I. fiction and you have something relevant to plug (a book, an e-book, a magazine, a store, a website, a blog, whatever) I'm going to offer you a freebie:

A month of free advertising, starting April 1.

Send me an e-mail, tell me what you're plugging, and if I agree, just send me your 480 X 60 pixel banner ad (or ask me to cobble one up for you) and I'll try and plop it a few appropriate places -- at least 14 of them, in fact. I'll even take suggestions on where I can put it (please, not there), although of course I can't promise anything.

This is a time-limited offer, open to the -- what else? -- the first fourteen cool people to respond.

Hurry up! Only a few spots left...

Be one of the the proud, the few...

But that's not all.

We're also going to compile a list of your 14 Best Private Eye Novels of All Time. If you haven't sent in your picks yet, there's still time.

All you've got to do is drop me a line, prove to me you're cool and we'll take it from there...

Here are some of the features we'll be trotting out for our 14th Anniversary issue:

The Fourteen Best Private Eye Novels of All Time

This Day in P.I. History

From Spenser to Yeats:
Feminism's Version of the Hard-boiled Sleuth
is on the Wagon and Riding a Harley

Essay by Jill Edmonson

Ed Lacy: A Life
Biography by Ed Lynsky

Brilliant But Cancelled
14 Private Eye TV Shows That Coulda Been Contenders

Drinking Buddies
Eyes I's Like to Have a Beer With
(Still room for four more...)

14 Free Ads
We Take, But We Give Back Too.

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