Tony Hunter
Created by Robert George Dean

Ace operative for the New York-based Schmidt Agency, ANTHONY "TONY" HUNTER is suitably hardboiled and suitably flirtatious with his attractive (of course) receptionist and secretary, Irma. He also seems to get around a bit-in the course of the ten books he's appeared in, his cases have taken him to Maine, Washington, Florida, Conneticutt, St. Louis and various other parts of the Midwest.


  • Murder Makes a Merry Widow (1938)
  • A Murder of Convenience (1938)
  • Murder Through the Looking Glass (1940)
  • A Murder by Marriage (1940)
  • Murder in Mink (1941)
  • Layoff (1942)
  • On Ice (1942)
  • The Body Was Quite Cold (1951)
  • The Case of Joshua Locke (1951)
  • Affair at Lover's Leap (1953; aka "Death at Lover's Leap")

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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