Created by Martin Scott

THRAXAS is a private investigator in a world of swords and sorcery, where humans, elves, dragons and others co-exist, based in the magical city of Turai. It's a city of intrigue caught between warring rival political parties and various thieves guilds.

When we first meet Thraxas he's a 43 year old, second-rate P.I. and third-rate sorcerer. A former soldier, he's now an epic drinker with a powerful appetite. He's also overweight, and prone to gambling on the chariot races when he has the money, but he's still adept with his sword.

His live-in office is above the Avenging Axe Inn, where his sometimes-assistant, Makri, waits tables while wearing a chainmail bikini to get bigger tips. Makri's a mix of human, elf and Orc. She survived captivity in the Orc gladiatorial pits, and is deadly with
sword or axe.

Other recurring characters are Gurd the innkeeper (Thraxas' landlord) and Captain Rallee of the Civil Guard, both of whom served with Thraxas in his soldiering days.

There is a healthy dose of humour mixed into this entertaining series.



Respectfully submitted by Colin Clynes.

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