Ben "Bug Eye" Takent
Created by John E. Stith

BEN "BUG EYE" TAKENT is an Earth-born P.I. plying his trade on Tankur, a "dustball of a planet." It's permanent daytime on this hot desert world thanks to its rotation having stopped ages ago.

Ben doesn't particularly enjoy the heat, but several species on the planet seem to thrive on it, which works out pretty well. Seems Bug Eye prefers to work for non-humans anyway. In 1989's Deep Quarry, he becomes involved in investating a series of threats at an archeological dig, and winds up shovelling through murder, deceit, giant spaceships and evil aliens out to rule the universe. Of course.

Author John E. Stith is the author of several "Off-World Mysteries," including Scapescope, Memory Blank and Death Tolls, but I'm not sure if any of the others feature Bug Eye. he has, however, written about an Earth-bound P.I., Nick Naught, who walks the streets ina not-so-distant, comically dysfunctional future.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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