Wyatt Storme
Created by W.L. Ripley

And a-hunting we will go. WYATT STORME is a former Dallas Cowboy who walked away from football at his peak because he was tired of the politics of the NFL. Wyatt's a bit of a recluse, who prefers hunting in the Ozarks to anywhere where the ugly hand of political correctness might hold sway.

The one exception being the love-of-his-life anchorperson from Denver (who's name I can recall. So sue me I'm not perfect). Wyatt also has a sometime-sidekick, the heavy-drinking , but never drunk, former C.I.A. operative Chick Easton. Wyatt has a dry wit, as opposed to Chick's flat-out, insulting brashness. A veteran with considerable combat skill and an expert archer/ marksman, with above average tracking skills, he posesses Spenser-like loyalty, but with half the patience of Boston's finest.


Contributed by Beeper.

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