Quin St. James
and Mike McCleary
Created by T.J. MacGregor (pseud. of Trish Janeshutz; AKA Alison Drake)

A sometimes-cloying attempt to meld the big fluffy romance/bloated beach book with the detective novel. QUIN ST. JAMES and MIKE MCCLEARY are partners in their own private investigation firm - first Miami, then later in Palm Beach. Of course, they met "cute". He was the big, strapping cop, she the pushy women who doesn't need any man's help. And then she gets involved in a murder investigation. Of course, they didn't like each other at first. Yada, yada, yada. There's obviously a market for this stuff, but this series lacks the passion or comic spark of, say, Nick and Nora Charles or even David Addison and Maddie Hayes of television's Moonlighting. Too bad. Somewhere in these padded pages are some very good stories trying to get out. Imagine hardboiled cotton candy.


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