Sonny Spoon
Created by Michael Daly and Dinah Prince

"He's a scam, he's a sham, he's a flim-flam man"
(NBC trailer for the show)

Television's affable, street-smart, hip young black con man/private eye SONNY SPOON was a cross between John Shaft and Jim Rockford , which isn't surprising considering he came out of the House of Cannell, and had several Rockford production people involved in it.

"Slightly off-centre", according to executive producer Cannell, was an understatement. Sonny's office was an out-of-order phone booth on the sidewalk of some unnamed American city, and he had more identities and scams than even Rockford. Helping out Sonny on his cases were Monique, a hooker, Skates, a roller-blading stoolie, and newsvendor Lucius. Sonny was played by Mario Van Peebles, whose famous film director pop Melvin occasionally showed up as Mel.

Alas, by the eighties, private eye shows had lost their audience, and nobody was ready for anything this quirky, no matter how entertaining or witty the show was. And it was that, in spades.


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