Brad Spear
Created by Chet Cunningham (1928--) and Chad Calhoun (house pseudonym)

Pinkerton operative BRAD SPEAR (referred to in the series as "Agent Brad Spear") appeared in several novels, knocking on doors, taking down names and shooting bad guys in a series of action-packed western paperbacks set in the 1800s, published by Dell in the early eighties.

The first three were written by journeyman pulpster Chet Cunningham, a prolific writer who has cranked out over 300 books (so far), mostly westerns and men's action/adventure, under such pen names as Jack Buchanan, Jim Case, Cathy Cunningham, Nick Carter, Lionel Derrick, Don Pendleton, Paul Richards and Dan Streib. The rest of the series was appeared under the byline of Chad Calhoun, a Dell house pseudonym, which was used by Michael Shnayerson, Lee Hays and Ron Goulart, among and others.


  • The Cheyenne Payoff (1981; by Chet Cunningham).. Buy this book
  • The Silver Mistress (1981; by Chet Cunningham)
  • The Tucson Temptress (1981; by Chet Cunningham).. Buy this book
  • The Frisco Lady (1981; by Chad Calhoun)
  • The Painted Women (1981; by Chad Calhoun [Greg Hunt]).. Buy this book◦ The Painted Woman (n.) Dell 1981 [U.S. West; 1800s]
  • The Hidden Princess (1982; by Chad Calhoun [Ron Goulart])
  • The River Beauty (1982; by Chad Calhoun [Neal Barrett Jr.])
  • The Demon Girls (1982; by Chad Calhoun [Michael Shnayerson])
  • The Gambler's Woman (1982; by Chad Calhoun [Lee Hays])
  • The Wild Dancer (1982; by Chad Calhoun [Ron Goulart])
  • The Lady Rustler (1982; by Chad Calhoun [Ron Goulart])
  • The Mountain Queen (1982; by Chad Calhoun [George Ryan])

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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