Sam Space
Created by William F. Nolan

Maybe Mars aint the place to raise the kids, and it may not be exactly the best place to run a detective agency either, as William Nolan's sci-fi gumshoe is starting to discover. SAM SPACE is a Mars-bound gumshoe for hire, who works out of a suitably rundown office in Bubble City (that's on the next planet over , for you Earthlings). Sam's trained in seventeen forms of solar combat, and he's a sucker for a good-looking dame, even if she does have three heads.

Nolan, like Ron Goulart, is a pulp historian with as special fondness for science and detective fiction. Nolan's written novels in both genres--the very successful Logan's Run sci-fi series, and the straight P.I. series featuring L.A. private eye Bart Challis, supposedly Bart's great-grandfather. Not quite as off the wall as some of Goulart's stuff, perhaps, but there seems to be more of a method to Nolan's madness, which makes the whacky Sam Space books all the more of a hoot.

Recommended for fans of either genre, who can don't take themselves too seriously...




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