Lupe Solano
Created by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

Cuban-born private eye LUPE SOLANO claims Miami's Little Havana as her turf, as does her creator, former real-life gumshoe Carolina Garcia-Aguilera. Lupe runs her own agency, assisted by her health-conscious cousin Leonardo and a motley crew of colourful investigators.

Lupe's young, tough, self-assured, and not above a roll in the hay, just for the fun of it; much to the dismay, understandably perhaps, of her older sister Lourdes, who's is a nun.

And also apparently of several of the more genteel fans on DorothyL. Fuck 'em, I say. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun, too.

A welcome addition to the genre, as is the single, short-story appearance of another Cuban-American P.I., Maria Magdalena Morales.



Respctfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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