Reno Sloan
Created by John Edward Ames (1949--; pseudonyms include Judd Cole, Dodge Tyler and Ralph Compton)

New Orleans P.I. RENO SLOAN appeared in one novel to date, a typical low-list paperback, by Zebra. Unfortunately, this book wasn't around long enough for enough people to read.

Too bad, because it's quite outstanding, a real treasure, one of those rare books that a one appreciates and hoards -- a true original that tiptoes right up to the horror genre.

Reno is a lawyer-turned-shamus who investigates the Cypress Island Clinic, an isolated asylum in New Orleans for disturbed teenagers, where a new "wonder drug" is clandestinely being tested.

It's certainly highly recommended by O'Neil De Noux, who knows a thing or two about the Big Easy eyes.

The author is a prolific American writer of novels and short stories from Toledo, Ohiowho eventually settled in 1986 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is a critically-acclaimed writer of western fiction, but has also written horror, suspense and historical fiction.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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