Mac Slade
Created by John Blumenthal

"The cheaper the cook, the gaudier the pâté."
- Jack Mushnik, in The Tinseltown Murders

"He's hard as a brick, tough as nails, dense as concrete. He's MAC SLADE, Private Dick!" Thus reads the cover burb.

In his first appearance, The Tinseltown Murders (1985), New York gumshoe Mac rushed to the aid of Hollywood eye Jack Mushnik, and ended up getting involved with a lady eye, a runaway farm girl, a movie star, an unfriendly cop, Lieutenant Lou Tennant, a Nazi cleaning lady, a Hollywood agent and other lowlifes. It's supposed to be a parody of all the usual private eye cliches. And there are some great similies and funny scenes in it, but with so many poorly-written PI novels out there that really suck, this one sometimes doesn't seem as funny as it should be. Alas, if truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, maybe bad writing is sometimes funnier than parody...

An intentional alternative classic. Author Blumenthal had great plans for the series, but it was never continued past the second novel....


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to David Robeson for the whack upside the head.

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