Vince Karol
Created by Steve Feke

Sins of the City is a new, promisingly-hardboiled summer replacement series on the USA network that seems to take its title seriously, about VINCE KAROL, a brooding, pensive Miami cop (played by Australian Marcus Graham) who leaves the force under questionable circumstances, to become a private eye, "the perfect choice for a guy with a searching gaze and an appreciation for moral ambiguity," according to People. Along for the ride are a female DA and a cop pal who once almost became a priest. Haven't seen this one, but it sounds miles away from most P.I. fare. Supposedly good use of Miami locations, and a willingness to get a bit nasty, and look into questions of morals and ethics, even though the network seems to be selling it more as soft porn. The words lust, sex, obsession, passion and the like are all over the website. If anyone's seen this one, I'd like to know what they think.

Creator Feke is also responsible for NBC's Profiler.


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