Alack Sinner
Created by Carlos Sampayo and Jodee Munoz

In a stylish, impressionistic comic strip, Argentinian-born New York gumshoe and former New York cop ALACK SINNER, cold, cynical, and with a face scarred by who-knows-what, is a brooding, obsessed man who hangs out at a local watering hole, Joe's Bar. Bit by bit, his painful past is revealed--the girl left behind in Peron's Argentina, his subsequent exile, his almost-forgotten father. Originally a rather standard PI series, albeit a bit more dark and sombre than most, it soon evolved into "the life's chronicle of a down-on-his-luck private eye as he witnesses the world go to hell around him," (March 1, 1988, Amazing Heroes). Sinner's obsessions run deep, and his contempt for the corrupt cops and the greedy lawyers he has to deal with don't make life any easier.

One of the most evocative tales told in this medium, full of the pain of a man trying to justify and come to terms with both his past and present. The artwork captures the mood perfectly, full of shadows and darkness, and populated by a characters who seem to have escaped from a circus freak show, and it all takes place in a mythic New York that probably has more to do with movies than the real city supposedly, neither creator had ever been near NYC when they began the series).The authors, Carlos Sampayo and José Munoz, are Argentinian exiles themselves, living in Europe, whose most well-known work, Joe's Bar, was a spinoff from Sinner.


    (1975-, 1992, Linus, Charlie Mensuel, à suivre)
    Serialized in Italian in Linus
    In French in Charlie Mensuel, à suivre
    Writer: Carlos Sampayo
    Art: José Munoz
  • "Conversation avec Joe"
  • "L'affaire Webster"
  • "Fillmore"
  • "Constacio er Manolo"
  • "Pepe, l'architect"
  • "Citta oscura"
  • "Souvenir 1"
  • "Souvenir 2"
  • "Otages" (Fevrier 1992, à suivre).
    (1980's, à suivre)
    Sinner appeared now and then in installments of Le bar à Joe


  • Alack Sinner (1975)
  • Le Bar à Joe (1981)*
  • Flic ou privé (1983)
  • Rencontres (1984)
  • Viet Blues (1986)?
  • Histoires amicales du Bar à Joe (1987)*
  • Nicaragua (1988)
    not exclusively about Sinner


    (1989, Catalan/Fantagraphics)
    12-issue series
  • "Life Ain't a Comic Strip" (1990, Sinner #5)
  • "Nicaragua"..
    20-page origin story

Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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